Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Whither Spring?

Arriving home to freezing rain in Boston that turned to snow as we crossed into New Hampshire (where there were actually plows deployed on the highway,) I'm feeling betrayed by Mother Nature and clinging to the memory of a week spent in Virginia's warm and verdant spring. Temperatures, and my spirits, continue to fall as I sort through my photos of enchanting Williamsburg. Here area few favorites, more can be found on Instagram.


  1. I understand about Mother Nature! I feel like Houston is under water most of the time now!! Loved the photographs! Beautiful!!! Leslie Sinclair

  2. always lovely to see a post from you, they always delight
    thank you!!

  3. Love your images of Williamsburg, I've never been but it's on the ever growing list. Sorry about spring's tardiness in your neck of the woods. We've seen glimpses of summer already (ugh!) but we're now in a cooler pattern, which feels as spring should. Sunny with a slight cool breeze.

  4. Gorgeous photos! Another place I need to go... Yes, I heard you received some snow up there. Don't worry, spring is coming!

  5. Beautiful photos! I never tire or seeing each season in Williamsburg it is such a wonderful and special place.

  6. The architecture, gardens, history....truly one of my favorite places. You've captured Williamsburg beautifully, Phyllis! Lovely photos!! Hope it warms up for all of us - chilly in DC. xoxo, L

  7. I just love this because my house is the same age as these I fee the history along with the architecture!


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