Tuesday, July 21, 2015

England's Green and Pleasant Land

I feel like I've just emerged from the black hole that was our spring. Between moving and readying the house for the new owners, the end of school and Sophie's graduation, squeezing in two final college tours for Serena before getting them both off to their summer programs, and wrapping up some recent work, we have been buried in commitments and obligations. What a joy to finally surface in the glorious English countryside last week where I met up with the girls and was thoroughly spoiled by my sister. Lazy mornings, wine at lunch, long walks, naps in late afternoon sun, the cousins' laughter coming over the garden wall...ah, summertime.


  1. How absolutely serene and idyllic Phyllis. It must have been so wonderful to have family time after the move!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Phyllis,
    You have been busy! Nice to get away and enjoy life's little luxuries, time with friends and family in scenic England!
    Enjoy your summer.

  3. WOW Phyllis I needed a nap after reading your first month into summer:) But what a great way to counteract all that busyness by escaping to the beautiful countryside of England...your pictures are gorgeous! Welcome home to "real life" :)

  4. Loved your photos of the English countryside and those beautiful brick paths! I'm originally from England and miss it greatly during the summer. Thanks for sharing.

    Kate R

  5. Shew…you have a lot going on, Phyllis. Love seeing your gorgeous images…such a pretty way to relax a little!

  6. It was so good to see that you had posted...sounds like a busy time of year!

  7. What a nice place to escape to! Your pictures are so pretty!

  8. LOVE the photo of the open door with the curtains billowing. All sounds blissful when you are there with your sister. And, those gorgeous vistas. This is why it's called "holiday."

  9. These photos are stunning, Phyllis. So glad to see you back on the blogosphere.

  10. Glorious! And the the curly haired blonde in straw hat gazing at the meadow, just plain and simple sweetness.

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such gracious garden rooms! Welcome back, Phyllis. Let's not wait tooooooo long for another post :) Miss ya! xoxoxox

  12. Hello Phyllis
    I often read and very much enjoy your blog, although I am a shy and infrequent commenter. Phyllis was my beloved grandmother's name.
    Your lovely pictures and post' title mean a lot to me as I am right here at home in England, and there is nowhere more beautiful on a summer's day. What a pretty garden, and home.. you have captured it so well
    I hope you had a wonderful stay here
    Best Wishes

    1. Thank you, Sally. Wishing I were back in England right now! I was named for my grandmother's sister who never had any children of her own and died when I was young. My grandmother was devoted to her. Hope the remainder of the summer is beautiful over there!
      All best,

  13. It's the great garden. I love the path with plants on the both sides and the small gate in the front.

    HELEN @ Tesol CERtification


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