Friday, March 20, 2015

So Long Church Street

Saving this house was nothing less than a labor of love and anyone who was here at the time will remember my vowing that I would only be leaving Church Street on a gurney. I think we all know such declarations are often revised and one day we are moving on entirely. And because that day has come I want to share some 'before and after' photos of a neglected ugly duckling that became a blessed and beloved home. 

When I make up my mind to do something I like it to progress quickly. So it would be an understatement to say I was pleased when, after some lengthy discussions, Mr. H and I picked a Monday to put the house on the market and had an offer on that Friday.

The buyers are a lovely young couple who have been renting nearby. They told us that for as long as they've been in the neighborhood they would walk down Church Street with their dog (also named Gus!) and say to themselves "if that house ever comes on the market..."

We signed a contract the next day and we closed this afternoon.

When we moved in the girls were 10 and 11-years-old and they have grown up in what feels like a few, short years. Sophie will hear in a matter of days where she will be going to college this coming fall and Serena is only one year behind her.

The time is right to prepare for an empty nest.

We didn't have a fully formed plan for our next step, not anticipating the house would sell so quickly (even though we hoped it would.)

What we did know was that we wanted to simplify and downsize here in Vermont in order to do some work to our place in Rhode Island (and be prepared when that first college tuition bill arrives.)

I am nothing if not decisive and it took about five minutes for me to decide on an apartment in a new building. Mr. H took some convincing (as we will be downsizing by a lot!) but he likes the modern style of the space and the fact that the building is LEED certified.

Our new place is a very short distance from here, across the river in Hanover, New Hampshire - the quintessential New England college town, home to Dartmouth and its three graduate schools.

There isn't much to share in the way of photos right now, it is truly a 'white box', but we have met at the site with my wonderful painter/wallpaper hanger (you met Jeff here) as well as our contractor to begin the process of making it our own. Lately I have been fixated on wallpaper so you will be seeing some of that.

While that work is being completed we will be renting back here through Sophie's graduation from High School. I am looking forward to enjoying one last spring at Church Street and recalling the countless happy memories of our life here.