Monday, February 23, 2015

Family Photos

I was travelling last week when I got a message from a kind friend who spotted these 1930's press photos of my grandmother and her sister on eBay.

This is my grandmother with her fiancé leaving the opera in New York, December 1933. She ended up breaking it off with him; if his expression is any indication of his general character I'd say she made a wise decision.

A few years later at the beach in Newport, August 1937. Granny is on the right, clearly not suffering from the scandal of her broken engagement, with her sister Phyllis (for whom I'm named) on the left.

From the same day, Aunt Phyllis getting into my great-grandfather's car (his initials are on the door.) I am loving the sunglasses on the back seat.

It was such a pleasant distraction to get these and a few others in the mail. The arctic weather we have had all month is beginning to wear on me. Hope you all are holding up better and that we will be blessed with an early and gentle spring!


  1. That is amazing that these were discovered. I believe you resemble your grandmother Phyllis. Have others mentioned the same? Such fun viewing these!

  2. What beautiful women! These photos look like they came right out of Vanity Fair. Such treasures! I can see them in beautiful sterling silver frames at your Newport cottage.

    It's just as frigid here in DC....and icy, too.

    Stay warm, Phyllis!

  3. Phyllis these are so wonderful. Your grandmother was a wise woman (he clearly did not enjoy the opera!)
    So ready for Spring, these really brightened my day!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I love old family photos, and these are truly wonderful. It's amazing how a photograph can instantly transport us back to a moment in time and reveal so much about the people we love and the lives they led. I was just thinking about you this morning and hoping you were surviving this crazy winter! We still have snow and ice on the ground and dropping temps...I think spring will be even sweeter when it arrives this year!

    xo Kat

  5. Love them, such glamorous shots!! Aren't old treasured photos from the past such an incredible gift. I never really appreciated them until I got into my 40's and now I cannot get enough, an entire book was done by my grandmother on that sides' genealogy and to say its fascinating is an understatement. These are wonderful Phyllis!

  6. Stunning photos. They look like happy, confident and charming girls. Love the dresses! It looks like a photo shoot!!! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Phyllis. These photos made me smile as they remind me of my lovely grandmother.

  7. Oh these are so great -she looks so happy (with the exception of her ex-beau!)

  8. How lucky that you found these photos. I love looking at old family pictures, not only from my own family, gut other people's as well. Very roomy vehicle interiors, and aren't all of the details on 1930/s dresses amazing. Thanks for showing them to us.

  9. She's way too good for him. He reminds me of my ex-brother in law. 'Nuff said there.
    How fun are these?? Love all the details...their painted fingernails, jewelry, perfectly coiffed hair, the fur collared coat. Easy for one to see that good taste and style runs deep in the family.
    Have a great week and hope you get to enjoy a little sunshine :)

  10. How fun! Phyllis and Granny are adorable and Granny's ex is actually quite dapper in his driving gloves and top hat.

  11. Phyllis,
    What a great present, to find pictures of your darling grandmother. I am currently going through our family photos and identifying the various members of our family tree that our sons have never met.

  12. Love these photos...those sunglasses could be worn today...

  13. Phyllis, you are right indeed about your friend. How kind of her to let you know about these photos! What a wonderful treasure to have these photos of your grandmother and aunt!

    I hope that you are staying warm! We are shut down here in the South for at least another 2 days because of our 7 inches of snow. It has been an unpredictable winter.

  14. These are charming photos and I love the top hat ... Even if she didn't marry him.

    Karen in VA

  15. These are fabulous and Im thinking where is all the glam and class today that are so displayed in these photos. I love them.

  16. how fascinating! And a beauty...good genes

  17. What wonderful photos of another time; I do wonder what will happen to all our photos that we now store only on computers. How many of us bother to actually print them out and put in an album? Will they last as long as these did, only in iPhoto or a hard drive??? Time will tell, I guess.

  18. Such smart photos - wonderful to have them back in your family. Yes,seems like a good move that she broke it with Mr. Frowny face :)

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