Monday, February 23, 2015

Family Photos

I was travelling last week when I got a message from a kind friend who spotted these 1930's press photos of my grandmother and her sister on eBay.

This is my grandmother with her fiancé leaving the opera in New York, December 1933. She ended up breaking it off with him; if his expression is any indication of his general character I'd say she made a wise decision.

A few years later at the beach in Newport, August 1937. Granny is on the right, clearly not suffering from the scandal of her broken engagement, with her sister Phyllis (for whom I'm named) on the left.

From the same day, Aunt Phyllis getting into my great-grandfather's car (his initials are on the door.) I am loving the sunglasses on the back seat.

It was such a pleasant distraction to get these and a few others in the mail. The arctic weather we have had all month is beginning to wear on me. Hope you all are holding up better and that we will be blessed with an early and gentle spring!