Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumnal Equinox

My favorite time of year has arrived and with it the usual flurry of seasonal nesting activity - which in my case means purging the house of everything that has become superfluous over the last six months. This activity has taken on an extreme element this September with not just the contents of the house being pared down but with my succeeding in down-sizing my storage unit. By the new year I expect to be able to give it up all together. (Progress. It feels good.)

I have simplifying on my mind right now and the only things I'll be keeping in reserve are seasonal favorites - currently sheepskins and a lot of candles are coming out of summer hibernation.

While temperatures are dropping, we haven't had fire weather yet - but I'm ready and looking forward to it.

This fall finds us in a a transitional place in life; one daughter is applying to college and the other is right behind her. I am focused on maintaining a balance of being a mother and doing everything in my power to make their dreams come true while fostering their future independence, and at the same time carrying on my own fulfilling, creative work. It is a challenging time and an orderly, serene home feels more important than ever.

I've had some long breaks between posts recently but am getting back in the groove so thanks for staying tuned. Wishing you all a happy fall.  xo, Phyllis