Thursday, June 26, 2014

Guest Posting at Tone on Tone and A Giveaway

Please pop over to Tone on Tone where I am thrilled to be guest posting at one of my favorite blogs. Loi is sharing my tour of Bunny Williams' exquisite Connecticut gardens and offering the chance to win a signed copy of her beautiful book, An Affair With A House.


  1. Phyllis, I loved your tour over at Tone on Tone. I've been obsessed with An Affair With A House and have nearly wore out the pages looking through it. So it was wonderful to see another point of view of Bunny Williams' lovely home and gardens. Thank you!

  2. Dear Phyllis you post at Loi's is wonderful. Bunny's gardens are a feast for the eyes and what an exciting experience. (of course I would love to win her book)

    I hope you will visit to see my latest adventure!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    Wonderful tour of Bunny's gardens! I purchased the book several months ago as our home design project was getting under-way. I use it as a reference and welcome reprieve as I live in a state of construction and chaos currently ;)

    Hope you enjoy your day and have a nice weekend ahead.


  4. Phyllis,
    Your tour was wonderful. I'm not surprised at the attention to details in each space of the grounds. She is such a talented designer and it sounds like a very nice person as well.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  5. Bunny's gardens are truly a treat so we're off to read more!
    C + C

  6. Thank you, Phyllis, for such a lovely guest post! You've captured Bunny's garden beautifully. And, thank you for the signed book for the giveaway. I really appreciate everything. You are the best!! Cheers, Loi

  7. Hi Phyllis - loved your guest spot on Loi's blog.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful garden with us.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  8. Hi Phyllis, I loved your garden tour on Loi's blog . What a treat that would have been to tour Bunny's garden. Great photography.

  9. Hi Phyllis
    I have been over to Loi's blog right when he posted about Bunny's Gardens, it's just so exquisite, the daily joy it must bring her to walker garden paths. I would so love to be a winner of this amazing book, will see, and who ever is the fortunate one to win such grace and beauty will have a coffee table book right at hand to inspire their own gardens with. I know I sure would.

    Thank you for gracing your beauty over at my place, it's bloggers like you that I hold value to your visits, and your comment joy my heart.

    A beautiful weekend to you my dear, adding all it inspires from you.



  10. Absolutely superb post Phyllis. I am rolling my swimming goggles up in a towel and heading over to Bunny's place with a bottle of bubbles right now. :)

  11. Loved your post at Loi's. What a treat to visit Bunny's gardens--it's on my wish list. Thanks for the tour and the photos!


  12. It was a beautiful post Phyllis! Love your photos and your view of Bunny's place and gardens! xo nancy


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