Monday, December 16, 2013

Season's Greetings

It is a minimalist Christmas at Church Street this year. I have to admit that mustering any enthusiasm for decorating has been a struggle and I decided not to put up a tree despite registered disappointment on the part of some household members. (We are spending the 25th with my sister and will admire hers.) I divulged this shameful confession to the lovely shopkeeper of a favorite store in town - she sympathized, said I wasn't the first person to share the (lack of) sentiment with her, and told me not to sweat it.

So I'm keeping it simple, focusing on enjoying free time to spend with family and friends, savoring the season without embellishments. We have no formal entertaining planned but I have decided to maintain a month-long open house. This is the extent of my decorating and I'm done so if you're in the neighborhood come on over. We're ready for you. xoxo