Saturday, May 25, 2013

Vermont Farm Table

Doing research for a current project I found an exceptional Vermont furniture maker whose work and shop I want to share with you. Yesterday I drove to Burlington where Vermont Farm Table is housed in a stunning, historic brick building steps from the city's downtown marketplace.

I was looking for a dining table ~ which the company handcrafts of the highest quality materials, with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, and finishes with environmentally friendly oils ~ and I needed custom work. What I found exceeded my expectations.

A seemingly endless array of options is available - size, finish, and the choice of a variety of kiln dried American hardwoods or locally reclaimed historic materials from New England and Canada.

The style of the base is also up to you; they have 13 standard base designs to choose from and also offer custom design consultations.

The hidden, interior workings of extending tables are as beautiful as the surface finishes. Built by hand and constructed to last a lifetime, these are future heirlooms.

In addition, the company produces benches, side and occasional tables and small kitchen goods ~ solid-wood rolling pins, cutting boards and utensils.

Vermont Farm Table is planning on launching a new line of kitchen goods late this summer. Here is the 'final round' of muddler designs that should be in the shop by mid-June. Photos of additional works in progress and new projects can seen on the company tumblr blog, Made in Vermont.

photo credit: Vermont Farm Table

To accompany their dining tables, the Vermont Farm Table shop showcases these handcrafted, authentically reproduced Windsor Chairs made in Rhode Island by Warren Chair Works. Here the traditional design features a stylish Contemporary update and is so comfortable one will be lingering at the table.

Also currently in the store one can find the work of other Vermont artisans including these fantastic wood bowls by Edward Lincoln of Pine Street Turnings.

And the beautiful textiles of Creative Women. I left with a pair of gorgeous hand towels for the guest bath.

Vermont Farm Table is located at 206 College Street in Burlington; if you can't stop by in person, visit the website to read about the history of the company, get detailed information, and see additional photographs of their work.


  1. What amazing craftsmanship! Gorgeous pieces and the accessories as well!

    Art by Karena

  2. What a beautiful store! Nothing better then owning a few piece of handcrafted items as these.
    Love those gorgeous hand towels.

    wishing you a lovely weekend, Angela

  3. Just split an old table to use either side of the fireplace.

    The metal slides were still in great condition. Put them to the street before garbage day.

    Someone took them overnite!!

    That was the plan.

    Those bread boards............oh my.

    XO T

  4. Hi, Phyllis - What a great source! A good dining table is so difficult to find. I love all the options available.

    Each time Tom and I visit New England, we are always impressed with all the artisans and ateliers there - from furniture makers to potters to weavers. Thanks for sharing this find.

    PS - Have you visited Peter Fasano? I'd love for you to interview him!

  5. Beautiful store Phyllis. We invested in a farmhouse table a few years ago and I so glad we did. There is nothing like a piece that's been crafted by hand. The textiles look beautiful too.

    Have yet to visit this area .. it's on my bucket list.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. What a wonderful this farm is beautiful!

  7. I think my husband will be happy that I live so far away that I can't pop in there all the time, what a beautiful shop!


  8. Hi Phyllis, nice to hear your voice:) Anything artisinal catches my attention. xob

  9. Phyllis,
    It's always fun to hear of a store making such quality furniture and offering fabulous extras.

  10. Hi Phyllis, how beautiful and how grateful I am that craftsmanship like this exists...!

    xo Terri

  11. This is a timely post Phyllis since I'll be up in Shelburne this week and can go check out this shop after my appointment.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  12. Hi Phyllis, so good to see your post. What a totally charming shop! I love it and would have found many goodies to take home with store!! Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  13. What an exquisite shop! I am so envious you got there in person since I'm a touchy-feely person! I love handmade things and well crafted objects! Beautiful tables- I would love one in my home. I'm off to check out their site. Thanks for sharing this. have a lovely weekend.
    xo Nancy

  14. So good to "hear" your voice again, Phyllis. What a lovely shop. It is so refreshing to see unique shops like this where craftsmanship is valued. Thanks for the resource.

  15. Omgosh, this is amazing and the Craftsmanship is beautiful. What a treasure to have one of their tables. Great resource for fine handcrafted tables and other beautiful objects too.
    Thanks for sharing,

  16. This is great to know about. I think I'll need to have a kitchen table custom made when I get to that point in my renovation.

  17. Thank goodness! There is still great craftsmanship left in America. I would LOVE to visit this store. Everything in the photos look fabulous!

  18. Love everything in "Vermont Farm Table". Visit my sister-in-law every summer in Vermont. If she were not thinking of selling her cottage there, this would be a destination for us. I'm going to send her a link to the store to inspire her not to sell.

    So glad you are posting again.

  19. Beautiful! It is so nice to see great products made in America! Thanks for sharing.


  20. Hi Phyllis, Oh my, that place could be addictive. Thanks for sharing! N.G.

  21. Beautiful pieces! It's nice to see places like that still exist!

  22. A fabulous resource. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I love Vt Farm Table, and luckily I live with Ed Lincoln so I have daily access to his extraordinary turned wood bowls!

  24. In addition, the company produces benches, side and occasional tables and small kitchen goods ~ solid-wood rolling pins, cutting boards and ...


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