Friday, April 19, 2013

Let Me Introduce You: Zoe Zilian of Farmhouse Pottery

Spring has come very late to Vermont this year but with recent warmer weather and rain the dormant landscape is finally showing signs of green. I find myself coming out of my own winter hibernation and on discovering the work of a talented local artisan, felt inspiration stirring and wanted to share a fabulous find with you.

From its early history, Vermont has been a magnet for creative people. Inspired by the landscape's abundant natural beauty, the Green Mountain State's verdant hills and sparkling river valleys have been enticing artists of every school to settle and work in its picturesque hamlets.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting one such individual, Zoe Zilian, the designer and visionary behind Farmhouse Pottery. Zoe and her artist husband met in college where they formed a creative collaboration that grew with their relationship. Shortly after getting married in 2003 they founded a high-end lighting company which met with great success following their first showing at Atlanta's Home and Gift Market.

Within a few years they left the city to pursue a pastoral lifestyle in the charming community of Woodstock, Vermont. Even as their family grew, the pair's creative collaboration never ceased as the couple made time for projects that began as self-fulfillment and eventually grew into the Farmhouse Pottery line.

Initially selling their handcrafted pottery - durable American stoneware - at regional farmer's markets, the collection grew to include local farm products, bath and beauty treatments, and candles, all available in Zoe's online shop. And, in addition to the skincare products available on her website, Zoe crafts the seasonal signature treatments used in the luxury spas at the Woodstock Inn and the Stowe Mountain Lodge.

As the business expanded, Zoe stayed true to her vision of creating "lasting, generational pieces," that she describes as "authentic work, inspired by the rural Vermont landscape, the outdoors and nature." That is Zoe below, photographing the 'pantry bowl.'

It is an ideal drawn from her family's own chosen lifestyle,

And as Zoe says, "The inspiration keeps growing."

all photography and styling by Zoe Zilian, ©Farmhouse Pottery

To see the full line of pottery, home accessories, gifts and Vermont farm products visit Zoe's website: Farmhouse Pottery. For Boston area friends, Good at 133 Charles Street will be hosting a Farmhouse Pottery trunk show on Thursday, May 16 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please stop by.


  1. I see a lot of interiors with my work.

    Few have pottery.

    Those that have pottery have art pottery.

    3 decades of observation.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Oh, Phyllis, so happy to see you post again. This stuff is amazing, isn't it? I'm putting it on my FB page & Google+ too. I love love the story behind the creations. And, her hair...OMG I wish I could get mine to be all those colors. love you...

  3. It's beautiful pottery and I'm dying to see what Zoe and her husband have done for lighting. Notice the egg colors, those are fresh eggs and they look beautiful next to her bowl.

    Nice seeing you back Phyllis!


  4. Hi and how nice to see you back!! Wow this is just beautiful.....very inspirational, love the colors and rustic but elegant vibe. Hope all is well and thank you for sharing! Missed your presence here in blogland:)

  5. Lovely pottery, great textures and shapes. They also have some wonderful gift items in their shop, the Vermont maple syrup looks beautiful in the bottle with the seal :)

  6. Dear Phyllis -
    Welcome back!!! Happy spring! Thanks for featuring these lovely pieces from Farmhouse Pottery. The entire collection is incredibly beautiful, simple, and has an such organic quality. Don't you think Zoe's pottery would look great in our home?
    Thanks for this post, P!
    Take care ~

  7. Phyllis.....welcome back! I adore their work and creativity....I'm on vacation and just had to comment when I saw your blog were very missed in blog-land!

  8. Hi Phyllis!

    It's nice to see a post from you! Such beautiful work here.. I adore hand crafted/painted pottery. I'm looking forward to checking out their site. On a side note, I ended up ordering several items from the home decor store you featured a while back ~ loved everything. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. Hi Phyllis! Thank you so much for the introduction. Love the bee hive vase....o'k love everything, you can feel the authenticity behind the creation. A good example that "things" can have soul. Take care, xob

  10. I'm so happy to see you back. I love the pantry bowl. I've been looking for something like that. I'll have to put it on my calendar and see if I can skip out of work early that day to see them at Good. I love that shop.

  11. PHYLLIS!!!! So happy to see you back my dear. I hope all goes well and all your support and readership urge you on! We missed you.
    xo Nancy

  12. Hey!! So nice to see you back; I've missed you!

    The pottery here is beautiful. I particularly like the colander & will have to check out their website.


  13. So happy your back Phyllis. Love the organic quaility of that pottery! Thank you for introducing us to it!

  14. this pottery is just beautiful! thank you for sharing!

  15. so glad to see your blog out of hibernation! Exquisite pottery. Making me feel creative....and now hungry.

  16. Are you back for good, Phyllis? Was very sad when you signed off after the frustrations with hacking? theft?. Whatever, I hope you are up and running again, and I will continue to check in.

  17. What beautiful pottery, Phyllis and I love being introduced to new talent like Zoe. Adore the vase in the third image!!

  18. I've missed you Phyllis! This is a beautiful post and so well written. I poured over Zoe's website and love her story; a lovely example of being true to one's self and Living an art filled life. Love the hand hewn pieces that look like tree bark! I hope you and your family are doing well and enjoying spring! xo

  19. Lindas peças de arte. Aqui está chegando o inverno, mas nós n~]ao temos neve as plantas ficam em dormência mas tem folhas e flores.
    Adorei conhecer seu blog.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  20. I really like the organic quaility of that pottery. thanks a lot for that.
    - Vinnie
    Architectural Stone


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