Monday, January 14, 2013

Try This At Home

Last week my friend Marsha at the dreamy lifestyle and fashion blog Splenderosa posted a photo of one of my favorite bedrooms of all time. We were both coming off bad colds and were thinking of comfort, and while we love the tranquil feeling of this room, agreed that for it to be perfect we would need to change the bedside tables and lamps - these were too small to be practical for us. Marsha said, let's do it...let's post what we'd substitute if this was our own.

I love a little fantasy decorating so I was all over it. I need to have some storage in my night table, preferably drawers, but I don't like anything big beside the bed. As for lighting, I prefer a 'swing-arm' style wall fixture mounted next to the headboard because I read in bed and don't like to have too much on the surface of my bedside table. And, I am very particular about light levels so the light output needs to be adjustable with a dimmer switch. Here is what I would swap in.

Available in over a dozen finishes, the Bedside Table with Three Drawers from Chelsea Textiles provides ample storage in a compact size, 20" wide by 15" deep.

Circa Lighting is always my first stop for light fixtures. I love the quatrefoil detail on the Griffin Swing Arm  lamp by Suzanne Kasler for Circa. Available in two finishes, this fixture also comes standard with the essential dimmer.

While it was fun to think of customizing the room to my particular needs, Marsha suggested expanding on the idea and recreating the rest of the room which we agreed was divine. Yes! And as Marsha has a background in fashion, jewelry design and wardrobe styling, why not imagine wearing the cozy feeling of this room? Remember Domino magazine's monthly feature Turn This Outfit into a Room? Well, Marsha is turning this room into an outfit. Have a look at my picks for a perfect sanctuary below and then head over to Splenderosa to see Marsha's style and creativity at work.

I should begin by saying I take sleep very seriously. I believe it is as important a part of nurturing one's health as nutritious food and exercise, and I make a big effort to ensure the whole family gets enough quality sleep.

So let's start with the wall color. While I am nursing a crush on white rooms at the moment, I need something more serene in my bedroom than stark white. Currently my room is Benjamin Moore's pale grey Athena. Having just read a post on Remodelista entitled 10 Secrets for a Better Night's Sleep, I am interested in trying one of their recommended colors, Ben Moore's French Canvas. 

On to the bed....I like the simple, clean lines of the upholstered base in the Belgian Slipcovered Parsons Headboard and Bed Skirt from Restoration Hardware.

Of the many fabrics available to choose from, I would order the slipcover in 'sand' Belgian linen.

I am a devotee the Italian Linen Plain-Sewn Bedding from Cuddledown. As you might recall from this previous post, it is one of the 10 Things I Can't Live Without - sheets in white, duvet cover in flax. 

As for the duvet, I recommend Cuddledown's 800 Fill Power Sateen Down Comforter. I use the 'level 2' because we keep our room very cold at night (the thermostat is set at 58°) as I believe one sleeps better in a cold room. And, I have to have the window open - how wide depends on the outside temp. The company's website has a formula to help you choose the ideal weight comforter based on the nighttime temperature range of your bedroom and how your body responds to it. I promise you will never sleep better.

New additions...the original photo is actually from one of my favorite shops in the UK, The White Company. My sister, who lives in London, introduced me their luxurious bedding and bath towels a few years ago. I think the Loire Throw and Pillows would add some nice texture to the linen bed.

Or, the Chunky Hand Knit Throw if you want a little color contrast.

I love mirrors - the bigger, the better - and I saw this beauty at Tone on Tone during my visit to the DC area last year. I am not sure if it is still available - if not, Loi undoubtedly has something equally spectacular.

While we are shopping at Tone on Tone, in the mirror is reflected a pretty armoire. I love this 19th-century, Swedish Gustavian piece that Loi recently added to the shop. 

On the floor...I'd put one of these wool flokatis from World Market on either side of the bed. I can't imagine anything would feel better underfoot. 

Lastly, the chandelier...I like the shape of the French empire-style chandelier pictured in the rafters and I imagine the crystals cast a lovely glow. I have a history of splurging on light fixtures and that for my dream bedroom is no exception. This example is from antiques dealer Jean-Marc Fray and is featured on their website here

Thank you, Marsha, for suggesting this fun idea. If you haven't yet visited Splenderosa, head over now. You will want to see the wonderful giveaway Marsha has included for one lucky reader.


  1. Oh my goodness, Phyllis, you've topped yourself with this splendid post. I, too, love sleeping in a cold room so appreciate this thought very very much. Love the small bedside flokatis. I use white linen mats myself, like a fine hotel would use. This room is truly beautiful, but I believe you have made it so much more comfortable & livable and even more opulent and beautiful. Love this collaboration !!

  2. Wow! so pretty. Loving the colors and who wouldn't look fabulous in this outfit from Splenderosa.

  3. Oh my! Love your selections! So inviting. Especially love the quatrefoil detail, chunky throw and mirror! I'm heading to World Market
    to check out those rugs and your friend's post! Thank you, Monica

  4. Any bedroom named Athena would surely give me sweet dreams!

  5. Hi Phyllis, We are cold room, window open sleepers at night as well. Once in awhile, if we forget to open the window, we both wake up in the middle of the night sleepless and sweating!

    I have been making a few changes in our bedroom recently. Used chalk paint to paint several pieces in soft creamy shades to lighten the room. We are awaiting delivery of a new mattress and a flax linen upholstered bed. We always use white sheets with light duvet as well. Considering painting a round side table that sits between a pair of cream linen chairs soft lilac for a bit of excitement. Sounds crazy but may be nice! Love the storage and style of the Gustavian little chest, I need to use the little tables I have though. May paint them too, not sure what shade.

    I am a fan of The White Company too, love their clothing line. Inspiring post with great ideas and sources, Phyllis!

  6. Nothing like a day in bed to make you want to redecorate! So agree that swing arm lamps to save space by the bed is the best and we're in the market for some. And now that we've just received our new down comforter from Cuddledown, we've also been shopping for sheets! Happy Monday, Phyllis, and we hope you feel better.
    C + C

  7. Having a cold myself, I want to recover in that room!

  8. Phyllis this was so much fun to see and read and mostly helpful! We're redecorating our bedroom and this post has given me a ton of ideas. Just ordered a headboard from RH and swing arm lights since I don't like free standing ones, I've been known to knock them over getting up in the dark. That bedroom above is fabulous and would like to give our bedroom that same light but cozy feel.


  9. I hope you're feeling much better! What a fun idea -- love what you did!

  10. What a great way to pass the time while you are both recovering. That room is beautiful, only made more lovely by your changes! I love the mirror and chandelier you chose...I love everything!


  11. While I like to mix up styles, I agree those side tables don't cut it. My initial thought was they needed to be dark but I like the Chelsea Textiles bedside table. The bronze lamps that you added did the anchoring that I was looking for.

    Nice idea for a post.

  12. Glad you are feeling better Phyllis. I Love your new bedroom; it's like you ...classy;)!! Take care, B.

  13. I agree by changing the lamps, they are just out of proportion. Bedside lamps should not 'obvious' in my opinion but certainly practical. Practical to give enough light for reading without disturbing the 'better half' - or the person who shares the bed, eventually.
    Dimming wall lights - a successful solution.

    Funny enough - the bed you show looks nearly the same like the double bed in our guest house which I had recovered in Belgian linen about 12 years ago. This proofs that a clear line and neutral tones are timeless.
    Very good post, Phyllis.

    Best wishes for a quick recovery from flu, cold or....

  14. Thank you kindly, Phyllis!! I really appreciate you sourcing us :) And I love all your ideas. Will check out The White Company's website....forgot about them. I used to visit their Marylebone location....not sure if still there. Will also check out BM's French Canvas....have not used before.

  15. Phyllis, This is wonderful and so fun. Your choice for a side table is perfect. I love the sheets! I'll have to check out the link:) Loi has the MOST gorgeous furniture and the mirror is a must in this lovely room.

    Hope your week is off to a good start!


  16. Hi Phyllis, I love your ideas. The store in DC sounds wonderful - I will have to check it out thenext time I am down there. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. LOVE your idea for the nightstand, mirror and chandelier. All stunning and so much more fitting than what was used. I do not care for the nightstand and lamps, odd choices but the room is very pretty and love the tonal bedding, looks so cozy! Nothing like crisp white sheets..ahhhh I am just about ready to jump in myself:)

  18. Phyllis, love all of your ideas and loi's furniture is my favorite....great idea!

  19. Oh yes I agree. I must try this at home. Especially that French chandelier!

  20. Love your blog Phyllis, and love Chelsea Textiles, (I think I finally have an order of 5 pieces so that I can be a "stocking dealer." hooray!) and of course love Loi. Who doesn't? lol best ~ Laurel

  21. Your improvements are spot-on! You really have exquisite taste. I also can't sleep without fresh air flowing in, summer and winter. X Sharon

  22. Beautiful selections! So serene and classic, with some great textures and a bit of bling to make it extra scrumptious. And the same goes for Marsha's darling outfit. You two gals can dress me and my home anytime! :)

  23. Everything perfection!! Can't wait to checkout the links!!

  24. Phyllis, you really are amazing. I love the bedding, especially the chunky look, and all your luxurious selections. What you do is perfection!

  25. Phyllis,
    I'm currently shopping/planning for a redo of our bedroom and this post has given me some wonderful ideas. I've never slept or seen linen sheets, are they coarse? I would guess not, but I'm curious. We sleep in cold room as well and have always slept better with lots of cozy comforters on us then when we are in a warm room.
    Fun post!
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

  26. Hello Phyllis,
    There are some great ideas here.
    I love the original image, but your amendments are wonderful.
    Hope you have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  27. Phyllis
    I love your fantasy bedroom particularly the antique pieces from Loi's shop. What a fun post!

  28. A beautiful serene room to dream in. I love the additional ideas, especially the fluffy rugs, and highly textured pillows. Wonderful room to start with, and even better with some of the new choices. Fun to play with your imagination like that. Oh dear, another blog for my list of favourites!

  29. Fabulous post and what a fun thing to do with Marsha! She is a jewel and a true friend! Love all that you picked out! Especially the swing arm lamps…I will never part with mine and have them in 3 out of our 4 bedrooms! Even put a discrete one in my son's first apartment in college simply because of the space factor as well as reading light! LOVE THEM!! We even have them at the beach! Love the color choices for everything! Both of you have excellent taste!

  30. I really enjoyed this post and have been through it twice now. I could use a better night's sleep and love your ideas for comfort and beauty. Very, very nicely put together.


  31. Beautiful touches to make anyone feel so much better. Just yesterday, I bought fresh white sheets (on sale) and a lovely linen duvet cover a windowpane blanket to cozy up my bedroom. I am still searching for nightstands. I do love that chest but I am looking for something with 2 shelves and one drawer. The lower shelf for my bedside reading and the upper for a lamp, a carafe of water, hand cream and an i-phone spot.

  32. Phyllis,
    I do hope you are feeling better. Forgive me for not stating that in my previous comment. How rude of me.
    Feel better!

  33. I have been away from the land of blog so Feel better my friend! I'm so sorry to hear you've been down!
    Love this room but really love your suggestions!
    I am about to being working in my new bedroom and have saved this post and pics for inspiration!
    Hugs from hear

  34. Phyllis, I hope you are feeling better.

    Many great choices, I love a luxurious bedroom. I am thinking the flokatis will add so much comfort. Oh and love a cool room at night.

    2013 Artists Series

  35. Gorgeous room Phyllis. My bed is very similar to the one you posted here! Great post!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Beautiful decoration. Have a nice winter day.

  37. I hope you're feeling better and your choices are spot on! Gorgeous, gorgeous! xx

  38. Yes, yes oh yes! I am totally loving many details. Most important for me is linen sheets and pillowcases! I haven't used anything else for years.


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