Monday, January 21, 2013


Like most people engaged in creative fields, I 'wear many hats.' My work is varied and I certainly see that as a positive. In addition to interior decorating, I have done window displays for a retail shop and home styling for real estate photography. Recently I had the pleasure of working on one such job with my husband and the brilliant interiors photographer Timothy Peters at a very interesting property near Woodstock, Vermont. I wanted to share some photos of it here because it is such a cool house.

The exterior has an Eastern simplicity that belies what the interior holds.

The interior is dramatic. Two of my favorite features are the very high ceilings which give the house an incredible sense of spaciousness,

And the vast expanses of windows which are all unadorned. The house has unimpeded views of the surrounding landscape from every angle.

The jewel in the kitchen is a cobalt blue Lacanche range with a pretty backsplash of Dutch Delft tiles.

Also, it is rare for me when on these jobs to feel such an affinity for the home owner's decorating style. I loved the liberal use of chandeliers and oversize mirrors throughout the house. It has a very European feeling.

And those urns are fairly stunning.

Something else I loved about this is one story. I am a fan of single-level living, and always have been. The two apartments I have inhabited remain favorite spaces. I wonder what that says about me?

The acreage features a large barn and I had to include this beautiful photo that Tim - who is truly an artist - took of a small section of it. The day we shot these photos the temperature was below zero. You can see the cold in the glass panes.

For more photos and information about the house (for those of you looking for the perfect Vermont escape) visit the property website.

And I will leave you with a funny story in the theme of 'wearing many hats' - a few years ago I was moving into an office in a small building in town that housed mostly mental health practitioners and massage therapists. My door was open as a technician from the phone company was there installing the phone and fax lines, and my 'neighbor' stopped by to welcome me to the building. She asked if I was a psychiatrist and I said, "No, I am a decorator." From the floor the phone technician piped up, "Isn't that the same thing?"


  1. What a beautiful home, I will pop over to the real estate site to see more. I love those beautiful wide floorboards, the chandeliers, and that range...sigh! And I do think that as a decorator you provide a form of therapy for people. A beautifully appointed home can calm even the most anxious of clients! :)


  2. You are so right, Phyllis. No one would imagine such a simple home on the outside looking as it does on the inside. You should be very proud of yourself !!!!

  3. Haha. Love that last story. The house is incredible - I love the light and airiness and the unadorned windows. What incredible views of a lovely landscape. Although at night I would feel that I were on display, I think.

    xo Terri

    1. Me, too! So true. I need to remember this :)

    2. Oh, yes. I have been in the middle of one of those and it keeps you on your toes!

      And, Terri, you can't see another house from the property so no worries about the neighbors and any 'indiscretions.' ;-)

  4. This house is really cool and so stylish. The antique furnishings look fabulous in the light filled rooms.

  5. Such a simple exterior ~ but beautiful none the less:) Gorgeous interior .. the kitchen is so spacious and like the chandeliers and mirrors. Looks like beautiful hardwoods throughout. Gorgeous!

  6. Funny what the technician said...and pretty true:) The home is just misleading, its so large and airy and open inside....really beautifully done. And those vistas covered in snow are just breathtaking. Fun project "Dr. Phyllis"!

  7. OH my gosh...where to start?! First, loved the whole darn house of course! Secondly, those urns! I will copy that idea next year (and of course site you;)) and Finally, major props to the technician! Whoot! Whoot! Great post Phyllis! xob

  8. I have to say I really like the bright red doors on the exterior. It's so unexpected and, I think, really modernizes it.

    Beautiful interior spaces. The views are amazing and I'm impressed the photographer was able pick those up and keep the interiors so light.

    Love your little story too. I got a good chuckle!

  9. Lovely property. I can see why you admire their style. I'm coveting that view.

  10. Phyllis does a wonderful job of styling each room just so before I click the shutter. I am confident that we will get a perfect shot when she is on location. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  11. Love the fassades of the house, the open spacious rooms, the large windows and certainly love the kitchen!
    And the technician's comment - very true!

  12. Seeing all those open windows I now know I've done my home a disgrace covering the windows up. I love how open the house is and the splash of color in the range. I would have never guessed where this home was located so thank you for sharing, it's stunning!


  13. What an amazing home. I am crazy about the architecture and all the spaces. Simplicity at it's best. Thanks for sharing this and stay warm!
    xo Nancy

  14. Hello,

    This house is verry special and i love al these open spaces.

    Thanks for sharring

  15. What a great house Phyllis.
    I agree, those urns are stunning.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  16. Phyllis
    Who would know what lies inside from the exterior. So many beautiful details! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Phyllis,
    The house had me at the entrance with the red door. My only question would have to be, what are the heating bills like with so much exposed glass? It's stunning and I'm sure the windows are double glazed but it made me shiver!
    Funny story and perceptive of the phone company guy. :-)
    Karen at Garden, Home and Party

    1. Hi Karen, another great feature of the house - radiant heating throughout. The house underwent a 'green' renovation so it heats efficiently and the floors are toasty underfoot.

  18. Love your little many hats story, Phyllis, and a decorator is sometimes a therapist - they both make people happy, don't they? What a spectacular property and the interiors are so unexpected. Given that we are looking for a house in VT, we'd be thrilled with such a home.
    C + C

  19. Love this house, Phyllis, especially the unadorned windows, wood floors, and mirrors. (Of course, shutters could never hurt the windows.) I'm glad you wear so many hats - makes your posts fun.
    Stay warm,

  20. LOVE THIS!! I am so glad you wear as many hats as I do. I was just proposing a job and actually told them I was a great therapist and they didn't need to fight any longer! Ha!! GORGEOUS home! xo, K

  21. What an amazing home...I also where many hats....I think being a Mom we learn it quick! I always have fun when I go with my husband on a photo shoot.

  22. I love that story! Isn't it the truth?!

    Now, this is my kind of house.. some spots of color, some spots of drama, but clutter-free. Beautifully done!


  23. When I saw the exterior - I thought that it wasn't going to be quite my cup of tea - but what a lovely surprise inside. I love the spacious, airy feel and their furniture choices. Thanks for sharing. x Sharon

  24. The phone technician was spot on! You are in the business of decorating lives…same thing if you ask me! Loved this post! Such great insight…and fabulous decor! Loved the oversized mirrors and chandeliers as well! Thanks for giving us such a great post to read…not only eye candy as they say…but something real…something we will remember. That's very important to me these days it seems. Anyway, I'm super glad I got to catch up on your posts and I hope you've been doing well!

  25. This will go down as one of my favorite posts. I love that your love of multi-tasking and wearing of many hats keeps your eyes and your mind full of wit and wisdom.
    Love the exterior of that home. The interior is lovely but from the exterior I was supposing it to be more "Scandanavian modern" -

  26. What a gorgeous home - and Woodstock VT is one of my favorite places! We try to visit that town every time we are in Killington.

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  28. Stunning! The pieces and the styling! Love the simplicity of the exterior. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!


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