Thursday, January 31, 2013

London's Antiques and Textiles Fair

A few weeks ago I learned about London's Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair from Karin at La Pouyette. Fortunately, the event coincided with my trip to England last week and Karin emailed me an invitation. The show is known to be an excellent resource of painted Swedish and Gustavian furniture. Held in Battersea Park, the location is easy to access as shuttle service is provided from Sloane Square. Following are a few favorite sightings.

This Swedish blue painted Bureau Bookcase, circa 1770, from The Blanchard Collective.

Dealers Bie Baert, based in Belgium, and Odette Welvaars, based in The Netherlands, told me they were exhibiting at the fair for the first time. They shared a stunning booth that had several outstanding pieces including these 18th-century green Swedish chairs.

The French Country Living Antiques space was a feast for the eyes.

Several things from Victoria Harvey caught my eye: this Swedish painted desk,

This set of chairs and the huge bookcase behind them,

 And this serpentine chest of drawers with a gorgeous patina.

One of my favorite exhibiting shops was Maison Artefact. The long narrow, dining table in the center was fabulous. (Antique rocking horses were plentiful, I saw several examples throughout the fair.)

This secretary might have been my favorite piece in the booth.

Another standout exhibitor was Appley Hoare Antiques.

They had loads of beautiful, antique glass.

I loved these 20th-century Swedish dining chairs.

And I am becoming obsessed with deep-dyed monogrammed linens.

I think they would be gorgeous combined with these 19th-century French Gien plates (a set of 78!) on the Maison Artefact table.

A few things that figured prominently in several booths: intaglios - these from Julian Carr Linford who has a shop in Portobello Road,

Herbaria - this extensive folio from Gaby van Schagen who is based in The Netherlands,

And green enamel, industrial pendant lights - these from Fontaine are circa 1930.

Katharine Pole had some of the most beautiful antique textiles I have seen. She had a few pillows on display and stacks of beautiful pieces ready for one's own creations.

And Puckhaber Decorative Antiques had the most beautiful collection of French and Italian chairs. This circa 1820 Empire, not quite matched pair, have been scraped to their original paint.

The finish on these Italian, circa 1880 arm chairs is original.

I think this 19th-century French Empire style chair upholstered in grey linen is perfection.

Another fabulous booth was Martin D. Johnson Antiques. While its offerings were somewhat similar to my other favorites, it stood out with a fresh, youthful feeling.

A charming feature of the fair is that it is 'dog friendly.' I saw a number of visitors with dogs in tow and several exhibitors had dogs, of all sizes, in their booths - usually curled up on a priceless looking chair.


  1. Phyllis, Sharon of My French Country Home just had her blog kidnapped and wrote about it briefly. Please contact her. Here is the post that she mentioned it -

    Best wishes is dealing with this, Google needs to find a way to protect its bloggers. It seems the most beautiful blogs are the ones that are being targeted.

    I cannot believe the manmade beauty you were able to enjoy the day you you were so fortunate to attend the Antique and Textile Fair! You took excellent photos of so many beautiful things! Thank you for sharing with us! I am going to reread this post several times to not miss any detail!

  2. I've heard of two people having their blogs kidnapped and I'm not sure how it's even done. When I started my blog google wouldn't let me use many names because they were already taken so I have no idea how someone could do this. I'm not even sure why they would want to since I know a lot of your pictures are your own. I wish you a lot of luck in getting it removed since I love your original blog.

    I don't know how you came back not broke after going to the antique show so many wonderful things I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to pass on. I hope you at least had a wonderful time with your sister.


  3. Phyllis...

    Thanks for the photo tour of the show.
    I haven't heard a word about blogs being kidnapped.
    Must look into this.


  4. What a treat that this coincided with your trip.

    Over the years, my blog has also been pirated. One time even appearing, in repeated formats with a slight change to the domain, over and over again. If you are successful getting them taken down, I'd love to hear how you did it. My emails and requests were ignored by multiple sources.

  5. Thanks for sharing Phyllis and sorry to hear about your blog being copied..I don't get it. Why would someone do that? I look forward to you coming back after your break. Take care, xob.

  6. OH my gosh....I cant believe someone would do that. That's just horrible. I'm so sorry that you are taking a break but I totally understand. If you find out how to prevent this let us know. We will miss you!

  7. Phyllis!
    This looked like such fun! a true feast for the eyes!
    I see several things that I am crushing on!
    I am so sorry to hear the news about the copycat blog!!!
    I know of a few others who have had this issue and I too ran into it early on...I do hope you can figure this out, I love your posts and look forward to seeing your meanderings.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your English get-away!
    Hugs from here

  8. I would love to attend this show. the pieces you showed us are fabulous! i just cannot believe of someone hacking a blog...what is the point?

  9. Phyllis, I am so sorry about your(identity) blog theft! That is most disturbing, so keep us posted as to how it works out. I am so sorry.
    That fair looked amazing. I see so many things I would have loved to bring home...did you ship anything home? Thinking of you, and let us know if your blog friends can do anything for you.
    xo Nancy

  10. Phyllis, You are so lucky to have been able to visit this event! Love so many of the things you show, but I have to say the horse as well as that dog in the French section are adorable. I also understand how you feel about the blog theft. We will all still be here ready to read your posts again when your situation is resolved. Best Wishes - Tonya

  11. Phyllis, thank you for this wonderful tour and list of resources. Some of them I was familiar with and others will be added to my list of sites to visit, so thank you! I'm so sorry to hear that someone would copy and pirate your blog so blatantly, that's pretty outrageous and I hope you get it resolved quickly!


  12. Phyllis, first of all…I was simply prepared to say how fabulous everything you shared with us was…and it truly is! It's my favorite post I've read in a very long time from anyone!! Loved all of the pictures, the different sources, the uniqueness of everything…I'm dying to go back to Europe! This just made my heart long for it even more…However,,, now I am horrified for you! How can that happen! That is crazy! I get so many ridiculous spam comments now that I've been quite concerned but never did I think of this! Bless you! I hope you get it all worked out very soon! Would love to help in any way if that's possible! Take care and keep us all posted! Thanks so much for this incredible post!

  13. What?? I'm so sorry about the blog theft, Phyllis. Hope you can get this resolved fast. I wonder if this happens to blogs on wordpress, as well? BTW, I have started watermarking all my photos.

    Thanks for the tour of the decorative fair. So many beautiful and special painted pieces! That first secretary is really lovely. I adore its folksy qualities. What did you think of the prices?

    Take care, and keep us posted!

  14. Omgosh, that is terrible, I am so sorry to hear this. Such beautiful images. Kathysue

  15. The blog theft puts a dull ache in my stomach. Ugh! I am so sorry. I hope this can be taken care of immediately.

    The show looks like a dream. I especially love the antique rocking horse.


  16. Hi Phyllis,
    Firstly, I'm glad you enjoyed the show. I've visited many times and always found it so inspirational.
    Secondly, I'm sorry that you have had these problems with your blog. I've not heard of blog kidnapping before. It must be very distressing for you.
    I hope you can sort this out soon, I do always look forward to your posts.
    Hope you have a lovely day and good luck!,
    Liz x

  17. Phyllis,
    Thank you so much for sharing this post! I do have to file all the adrresses! I wished I could have been there!
    Happy weekend!

  18. Dear Phyllis, I'm very pleased that you have obviously enjoyed the Fair! Well chosen pieces and images, it feels to me like I have walked around as well, knowing most of the dealers. Very pleased to see that Gaby van Schagen is still exhibiting, he and his father had/have always very good pieces, never any "doubtful" ones. So, thank you for this tour! And thank you very much for the link to my post!

    Very sorry for the trouble you have regarding your blog. It is simply indecent/immoral, in German I would say "unanstaendig und despektierlich". Unfortunately there is so much piracy, plagiation, fakes and copies, not only in the blogworld. There is certainly more and more a lack of respect in the world.
    Not respecting copy rights for example. On two of my recent posts I wrote a copy right note saying not to use or pin on pinterest any of the images without permission. Just two hours later I found several of the photos on pinterest, even pinned by a well known blogger. Not fair!
    It is very disturbing, mildly spoken, and I certainly do understand your feelings. But please, please, stay in the blog world and keep posting!!!!! And to hell with the "black sheeps"!
    Warmest greetings,

  19. Hi Phyllis, I wish I could have been at the Fair, so beautiful, I want everything! As far as blog kidnapping, I can't believe anyone would have gall to do that, unbelievable! They should punished, severely. Well don't you, the authentic Henhurst Interiors go away. I look forward to your posts!

  20. Pirating wholesale of your site is outrageous. What could be their point? I hope there is some punitive recourse you can take. Until then, I will miss your posts, which are always informative and executed with good taste and style.

  21. Phyllis,
    Such wonderful furniture and accessories, I love the first image, all of those cubicles, so pretty and fun to fill.

    I read about this from another blogger I follow. I don't understand the motivation and it saddens me that, once again, a bad apple ruins it for so many. I wish you good luck in a speedy resolve to this issue and will be waiting patiently to hear from you again. Your posts are always something I look forward to!

  22. Phyllis

    I hope you are having a wonderful time in London. I have never seen so many beautiful things in one place! On another note I am so distressed to hear about your blog being hijacked...this is such craziness...let me know if I can do anything at all to help!

  23. What a wonderful round-up of beautiful antiques all in one post. So sorry to hear about the fake Henhurst blog - the same thing happened to our friend Sharon who pens My French Country Home and she reached out to Blogger to have the copy cat blog taken down. We hope it all gets resolved soon as we would hate to miss seeing your posts!
    C + C

  24. Wow everything is soooo beautiful! That first piece and those chairs circa 1880 are just magnificent. How fun that must have been. So many pieces to love!

    On another note sorry about the blog situation. This has happened to me twice and I would never have known had fellow bloggers/readers not told me they stumbled across it. I was floored and talk about the ultimate violation! I hope you reported it to blogger, though they seem to take their sweet time with such things.

    I hope your hiatus won't be for coming here to see what beauty you have in store for us! I do understand and hope the mess is resolved very soon. Have a wonderful weekend Phyllis.

  25. So many beautiful pictures of so many beautiful antiques! Thanks for sharing. So sorry to hear about your blog problem. I hope it's resolved without too much trouble and that dealing with this issue is not too disheartening for you.

  26. You and Loi will convince me to love Swedish design yet. I see it coming.

  27. This made my morning!!! I can't get enough of this look - it's so calming and refreshing! How fun for you to be able to hit such an amazing fair... London has it all!

    Have an amazing time!

  28. What a lucky lady you are - to be in London and seeing all this gorgeousness! x Sharon

  29. I love the green patina in the apple hoare exhibit... it so worn and beautiful. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

  30. Phyllis,

    Jealous... London is one of my favorite cities (better shopping than Paris!) and on top of that you got to "hang out" with all these lovely pieces. Did you bring a container!(:

    I see comments about a blog copy cat. Happened to me too. Irritating yes - but just take it as a compliment!



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  32. oh i just love that rocking horse on the table, and some intaglias would be GREAT right about now

  33. That sounds like my kind of fair, gorgeous furniture & accessories and dogs are allowed?? Sign me up!

  34. (Antique rocking horses were plentiful, I saw several examples ...

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