Thursday, January 24, 2013

Les Sardines London

I have been in London for the last few days visiting my sister and yesterday had the great pleasure of meeting a new friend.

A few months ago I was searching the internet for some grey candles made in Sweden and was led a lovely shop, Les Sardines, that not only had exactly what I was looking for, but was absolutely filled with beautiful things.

The shop was in London so I sent an email enquiry to ask if the candles could be shipped to the US, and then clicked on the Pinterest button in the sidebar to have a look at the shop owner's boards because I could tell we shared similar taste.

Well, it was no surprise when I was led to someone I knew well from Pinterest, Leopoldina Haynes. If you are not already following Leo, you must and you will find her on Pinterest here.

After connecting by email we made plans to meet during my next trip to England, and yesterday my sister and I went to meet Leo and visit Les Sardines in person. The shop is divine and Leo could not have been lovelier.

Here are the candles that serendipitously brought us together.

The shop carries furniture, soft goods, table top and decorative items and, of course, the most beautiful candles.

Here is the absolutely darling Leopoldina and her partner at Les Sardines, Miguel.

The charming storefront.

Les Sardines is located in Abbeville Village at 63 Abbeville Road, London SW4 9JW. If you find yourself in London, stop in, and Leo does ship to the US so visit the website here.


  1. How lovely that our small world of favorite things can open our hearts - what a lovely spot and shopkeeper. Thank-you for sharing. Safe journey and enjoy London.

  2. What fun, Phyllis! Thank you for sharing your special find and have a wonderful visit with your sister. Keep your camera handy and please share the rest of the trip with us back here in the frigid USA! Now onto their shop website and pinterest...

  3. What a great story! And a great post. I love things like this. Have a wonderful visit with your sister, Phyllis, and stay warm. Those gray candles are delicious. xx's

  4. I too have enjoyed her pins! What an incredible shop, sigh. How wonderful for you to make this connection. Technology and antiques...odd friends that go so well together. Enjoy London and safe travels.

  5. I am heading to London in the late spring, for my cousin's wedding (my mother was English, and many of my family members live in the UK). I will definitely stop by - I am going for almost a week, no kids, and plan on doing a lot of exploring!

  6. Oooo, spotted those wonderful soft warm gray throws piled up under the buffet! I've been looking for something like these for my daughter's bedroom which is currently undergoing a color renovation. I will definitely be checking out the website. Hopefully, you're enjoying much warmer weather over there instead of the sub-zero temperatures here in New Hampshire this week! Looking forward to seeing more treasures from London.

  7. Wish I could hop on a plane asap! I'll look forward to checking out their website! Gorgeous furnishings and I'm head loving that couch! My home is filled with neutrals and lots of this soft gray. It's so soothing isn't it? :) I've never seen candles that color.. I may need to order those:) Thanks for the tour and I hope your stay in London was enjoyable:)


  8. Wow I want to hop on a plane just to visit this shop.....LOOOOOVE all these white washed powdery grays/ stunning! I will absolutely visit her online shop. She has a wonderful eye. How fun..enjoy Phyllis and safe travels to you!

  9. Meeting a friend for lunch next week in town. It's her birthday & thought I would get her some good candles. Alas, no time for a quick London trip.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    colors in her shop are like drinking a good gin/tonic on a hot, southern, summer, humid evening.

  10. This shop is right on the top of my list for visiting when I'm next time in London! Love particularly the blankets!
    Thanks a lot, Phyllis, for the tip and this post! Hope that you've had a good time in London and a pleasant journey back home.

  11. Hi Phyllis,
    Thank you for sharing this gem with us.
    I've had a quick peek at the website, and I'lll definitely go to visit.
    Hope you had a brilliant trip,
    Liz x

  12. Hi, Phyllis! And hi, your Pinterest boards!! The shop looks fabulous. Divine palette and, yes, the candles are beautiful!!! I want some :)
    Thanks for the tour ~

  13. Such a fun story! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to follow (and stalk:)) on Pinterest!

  14. What a wonderful store and so many things that I love....I started following her on Pinterest....she has great taste!

  15. This is such a great post!
    How wonderful!
    I too am a huge fan Of Leo and her shop is divine!
    Have a wonderful time in London!
    hugs to you across the pond!

  16. What a lovely shop Phyllis,and thank you for charing:):)Of course I visit next time we take a trip to London:))Did you visit Notting Hill and Portobello Road this time?

    Hope you having a wonderful time <3
    All the best

  17. What a gorgeous shop, so many pretty things to choose from. Enjoy your time with your sister...and in such a lovely city too!


  18. Oh how classic and fabulous this looks. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  19. What a lovely shop and story of your serendipitous meeting! Enjoy your time in London!!

  20. What a wonderful adventure! I would die to do something like this and truly meet someone that I've been following or admiring! Her shop is incredible and so are those fabulous candles! So glad you shared this with us! Thanks so much for your sweet comments today…can't wait to hear all about what lies ahead for you! Hope you are having a marvelous time!

  21. Oh, Phyllis this is my kind of store - just love all of the gorgeous furniture and the throws are exactly what I'm looking for...heading to follow on Pinterest. Have fun!!

  22. The shop is amazing and I LOVE the candles and could sleep on those stacks of throws. I am glad you are having fun!! xo, K

  23. Hi Phyllis! Gorgeous shop, and it doesn't surprise me that you make friends wherever you go:) Have fun and enjoy your Sis!

  24. Phyllis,
    I'm so happy to learn of Leo's Pinterest boards...I'm now following her (I think I know what my weekend will look like!) :-)
    The shop is on my list as Mr. B and I are hoping to vacation in London in the near future. Have fun with your family and thanks for sharing such a find.

  25. We love serendipity and meeting new friends through blogging and Pinterest. How fun for you to actually get to London and visit! Have a great weekend, Phyllis.
    C + C

  26. That is a darling shop. I would like those candles and several of those pillows and throws! Have a nice trip. Safe travels!
    xo Nancy

  27. In love with the facade of the shop and how amazing to be able to go from virtual to a real life meeting!! Great items in the shop too and I so envy you your visit to London:-)

  28. How wonderful to be in London with family, I can't think of anything more dreamy!
    I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I looked through these images!! Love the idea of grey candles and I'm so glad you found some!! Thanks for the inspiring post that brought extra joy to my Sunday morning!

    Have a wonderful time in London pretty lady!

  29. What a treat! I think I follow her...going to make sure!

  30. This shop looks perfect and now it's on my list for next time when I go to London.


  31. I love how Pinterest makes the world an even smaller place. I've been following Leopoldina for a short while and love her boards. Lucky, lucky you to be in London and visit her shop! Great story.


  32. Sigh. What a gorgeous shop! Drooling. Thank you for giving us a tour!


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