Monday, November 26, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Canvas Home Accessories

As we did not do Thanksgiving at home, I am looking forward to entertaining friends at Church Street during the coming weeks. Canvas has been one of my favorite resources for tableware and home accessories since I saw their booth at the New York gift show a year ago, and here are a few things available in their online shop that I currently have my eye on for the season ahead.

The matte-glazed porcelain Gold Pebble Dishes, elegant small vessels for pre-dinner nibbles.

Hand-hewn Holey Boards, cutting boards good-looking enough to double as cheese plates or serving pieces.

Made in Lithuania where traditional flax growing and linen production methods are thriving, Canvas's 100% linen Napkins and Placemats are available in neutrals and jewel tones - I would mix them.

Shimmering Syrian Glass Ornaments are mouth blown using recycled glass and look just as beautiful on the tree as they do grouped in a centerpiece.

The chic Polished Aluminum Tray organizes bar-tending supplies in style whether one is shaking or stirring.

A versatile shape, the Soto Straight Stemmed Goblet can be used to serve wine, beer or the holiday punch I like to make.

Hand-carved, soft black Soapstone Bowls. Included here because this is what I want for Christmas in case anyone bumps in Mr. H and can casually mention it.

The hand dyed linen Dog Bed with Running Stitch, a dog bed I wouldn't feel like I had to stash in the garage when we have guests.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Words To Decorate By

'I prefer buying things and figuring out where to put them later than regretting not buying them.'
- Christian Louboutin

Monday, November 12, 2012

Instant Gratification

Regardless of what I tell my children, sometimes you actually can get it.

Also, in my experience, when you least expect to find something, it usually turns up.

What might we be talking about here? Yes, my new sectional.

A few weeks ago when I was in Connecticut I took a quick turn through one of my regular stops, the Lillian August outlet (see this previous post on what makes it such a great furniture resource) and there it was: the configuration I needed and the single seat-cushion style I prefer, slip-covered in a beige linen/cotton blend, and the perfect size - the 38" depth I wanted but only 29" high so the back doesn't block the windows and it easily fit through the narrow doorways of our old house.

Wondering about my furry friend at the foot of the chaise? Remember my post on Får Fäll? Well, I am running with the Nordic themes and that is an Icelandic sheepskin I ordered from Black Sheep (White Light). People were fighting over it so now we have four.

Still no television, but the console is now positioned below the spot where a future TV would hang on the wall. I've restyled it with a small oil painting by family friend Wylene Commander and a marble covered dish from Cottage & Garden that I filled with Santa Maria Novella pot pourri - I love catching the scent when I walk through the room.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Antler Mania and the Approach of The Holidays

I am generally not an adopter of trends, I tend to stick with the classics I know and love, but this one I have been unable to resist: naturally shed antlers. Needless to say, I loved them instantly for their Nordic connotations, but admired them from afar...until recently. The first one I picked up in June at the Ekster Antiques barn sale in Virginia. It was a restrained first foray into antlers as accessories.

Of course, a short while later, that one led to another. I chose my second acquisition thoughtfully and went for something more dramatic, selecting the antler for its color and sculptural quality. This example is bleached almost white.

Then I saw this image, captured by designer Brooke Gianetti and featured on her beautiful blog Velvet and Linenand I left all moderation on the curb. I absolutely love the Alpine chalet vibe of the silver punch bowl filled with antlers - it has me reaching for the Gorsuch catalog and thinking of snowy evenings by the fire.

And here is my stash waiting to be deployed while I search for the perfect vintage hotel silver vessel (eBay, my can buy them by the pound!)

A few more images that have me planning for holiday decorating already (listen, winter is our longest season and I fully embrace it) - an antler filled garden urn arranged by Swedish stylist and author of the enchanting blog Min Lilla VerandaMarie Delice Karlsson:

From Marianne Lamberth's exquisite blog Nordic Bliss, a vignette by stylist and photographer Eva Lindh. (Visit Marianne's shop by the same name, Nordic Bliss, for a fabulous selection of home furnishings.)

And this photo by Sacramento interior designer Katie Denham featured on Scot Meacham Wood's entertaining and stylish blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot:

Like the look, but not necessarily the real thing? Pottery Barn has great looking faux antlers.

A few accessories one might need - from Columbus Architectural Salvage, a white, cast iron garden urn:

For those of you who don't have access to an abundance of pine cones, from Balsam Hill, a ready and ample supply:
From Christmas Farms, winterberry stems:

Unscented pillar candles from West Elm:

And from Wisteria, antiqued sheet music votive holders:

We had our first taste of winter today, snow flurries on and off all day, and I am so looking forward to the coming season.

Many thanks to Brooke, Marie, Marianne and Scot for kindly granting permission to have their photos used here! xo