Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Simon Pearce Photo Shoot at Church Street

Last Spring while I was writing about his paintings and photographyGlenn Suokko, who is the artistic director for Simon Pearce, asked me if he could photograph some new products at Church Street. Glenn and his wife, Ann Billings, who assisted in styling the shoot, arrived on a morning in June with a treasure trove of Simon Pearce glass and pottery and set to work.

Samples laid out on the floor of the garage.

Floral props in the kitchen sink.

Ann arranging flowers.

Food styling.

Setting the table.

Glenn at work in the dining room...

and in the kitchen.

Some out-takes from the shoot.

It was a great pleasure to watch Glenn and Ann at work and see so much of Simon Pearce's beautiful glass and pottery in the house. The day was a thrill as I have collected the company's cream colored dinnerware since I arrived in Vermont, newly-married in 1995, and my mother-in-law began my collection of Simon Pearce glass with a generous gift of a dozen wine and water goblets. While the new designs are fabulous and an exciting direction for the company, the original pieces still have a lot of appeal, not to mention longevity. 'Timeless' is truly a fitting description.


  1. How gorgeous!! I love Simon Pearce and just bought a beautiful ice bucket and monogrammed glasses from them for a wedding gift. Your home is the perfect backdrop to an exquisite line.....beautiful!

  2. What prettiness to start my morning, your home is so lovely, the Simon Pearce pieces suit it perfectly!

  3. how BEAUTIFUL! it must be hard to photograph all that glass. just started to consider that since im really terrible at photographs in general. but glass - whew!!

  4. Just so lovely, Phyllis. Perfect, in fact !!

  5. Lovely....white dishes are a perfect background!
    best, teaorwine

  6. Phyllis the wares are so beautiful and as you point out, timeless. I can see why you collect these pieces. I will check them out on line, hopefully they sell to the nether-regions of Canada;)

  7. By the time someone sees a gorgeous phtograph they are seeing the art of the photography and the art of the content.

    2 stories. Quite different.

    XO T

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    What a treat this was! I love everything about Simon Pearce, from their products to their building to their displays and to their wonderful restaurant where you can eat delicious food from the crystal and china they make. (I even love the restroom with the wool plaid window treatments and sturdy doors.) Must have been great having them arrange china and crystal in your own home. So cool!

    Did Glenn Suokko design the new second floor space, "Pure". I could have wrapped up everything in this space and taken it home when I was there in August.

    Great post-

  9. Hey Phyllis - Some of your new readers may not know Church Street is YOUR gorgeous home!! You are too modest....change it to "my home" please :) I've been waiting all summer for this shoot! It turned out really beautiful. Your home is the perfect backdrop for these wonderful pieces from SP. I visited their showroom in York, Maine but didn't buy anything as I was in a hurry. Now seeing this shoot, I'd love some of their pieces....particularly the square dinner plates / chargers. Will the photos appear on the website of Simon Pearce?
    Congrats on the photo shoot!

  10. Phillis your home is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Those wonderful glas and pottery pieces fit wonderful!

  11. Your home is the perfect backdrop to this beautiful tableware! x Sharon

  12. The photos are a triumph Phyllis and your home is a beautiful setting for the shoot.

  13. clean and beautiful.

  14. I Love the floral props in the kitchen sink! What a beautiful setting - your home is perfection!

    Hope all is well Phyllis!

  15. Phyllis your home is the perfect backdrop for these lovely pieces. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous. Show us more!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I know I've said it before but Simon Pearce is my hero! I collect his pieces and love this post on the photo shoot! How fun! Makes me want to run out and add to my collection! Thanks for sharing this and hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!

  17. How fun. I love the glassware and dishes, the table settings are inspirational.

  18. Wow, a photo shoot in your home?!
    The table ware and setting look fabulous.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a lovely day,

  19. Beautiful! The table settings look gorgeous, and your homes looks absolutely divine - a perfect backdrop for such lovely tableware.
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  20. It's so interesting to see what goes into each photo we see...I adore Simon Pearce and have several pieces...gorgeous images!

  21. Looks beautiful! Love your home, its the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot.

  22. That must have been a fun day for everyone involved.
    Your home was the perfect backdrop.

  23. Phyllis! How wonderful and your home is so gorgeous. Boy, the photographs sure are sparkling and perfect! How fun that must have been. Congratulations friend!
    xo Nancy

  24. Phyllis,
    I'm new to your blog..enjoyed the photo shoot~ I always love photo shoot days…so filled with possibility.
    Amy Vermillion

  25. Hi Phyllis, how very special!! Your home is so beautiful! and a perfect setting for the lovely pieces and photo shoot! What an absolutely fun fun day!
    take care,

  26. What inspirational blog and beautiful home! Nice pitcures;)


  27. Phyllis what a beautiful shoot! I love those scalloped chargers/plates!
    A beautiful setting indeed.

    2012 Artist Series

  28. I ADORE the chargers and plates. That scallop is amazing. I registered for Simon Pearce glasses when I got married 18 years ago. I love his glasses and think about the person who made them whenever I drink from a glass. So exciting to have a photo shoot!! xo, K


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