Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daily Dreaming

Lately I'm preoccupied with feeling the need for a new beginning. Until I get the go-ahead from Mr. H to fold up the proverbial tent, I will be dreaming of a place like this, a spot to make an uncluttered fresh start with only the necessities and none of the baggage:

It is a regular source of fascination to those around me that I am happiest when the weather is cool, gray and damp so this early 20th-century house on the edge of the Trorod Forest north of Copenhagen, Denmark would suit me perfectly.

photographs by Johan Spanner for the New York Times from an article by Alison Gregor.


  1. simply divine!...I love those doors in the last photo...they would go beautifully in my sunroom out to to the patio. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Bec x

  2. Lovely.....I too do my best in cooler weather and when I am occasionally lucky enough to be able to stay home all day I love it when it rains or snows.....makes it so cozy. I do enjoy 'nesting" as the colder weather approcaches.......have a great day!

  3. It looks like there is pleanty of room so count me in with you! We had one of those cool nesting days over the weekend. Love to take advantage of them when we have the chance. Have a great day! - Tonya

  4. Sounds like we're in the same mode of living, only what you need. I love this time of year because things start to slow down for me with the outside work. It's been a long summer and I need a rest and some nesting time inside. I love this home you feature and the color.


  5. I get that way, too Phyllis. At my age I am wanting to pare down, simplify, declutter my life and my daily routine. This farm looks idyllic, and love all the architectural details! Enjoy your dreaming-I'll join you!
    xo Nancy

  6. I LOVE grey days.

    Gardens are at their most vibrant, to me.

    XO T

  7. Oh, how I know what you are feeling. I've collected important things all my life, but they are only objects. I find myself wanting horses, goats, ducks and, of course, lots of dogs, vegetable gardens, flower gardens...in other words, all the things nature provides without all the fluff & stuff.

  8. Hi Phyllis,
    That's a great house you have found to lust over!
    We have a lot of cool, grey, damp days here in the UK, and so this house would fit perfectly in our lifestyles.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  9. I can't explain it, but I love the Danish and Swedish aesthetics very much. One element cherished by all Scandinavians: natural light! Hence the light floors, lots of whites and grays, bare windows....
    Divine home!

  10. I am with you Phyllis; I love the cool damp weather! I feel alive with the chill against my face while walking the dog, all bundled up...me that is, not the dog;)! Lovely serene photos too.xob

  11. I feel just the same, it's cooling off here in CT and I've been in my glory. And I find myself clearing out the clutter and editing everything. The home you've featured is wonderful...

  12. These pictures all exude such a feeling of peace and calm, I can see why you are drawn to them. I think a fresh start might be in your future. x Sharon

  13. I also love cooler weather. I'm looking forward to Fall and the leaves turning colors. This home is beautiful. I love all the light wood.

  14. Ha ha - that last paragraph made me laugh! I'm a fan of cool, grey (but dry) weather too! I get far too hot and bothered in the Summer, and besides - I much prefer the cosy Autumn/Winter fayre of stews, soups, puddings and pies!
    The house looks divine - a beautiful colour palette - that stunning, clutter free home office space would be my absolute DREAM!
    Paula xxx

  15. Nothing sounds better to me than living with less "things"! I used to collect everything! Hence, the reason I own an antiques shop! But for my "real" life…..I'm longing for simplicity! And cooler weather! Loved this post!

  16. I so know what you mean, Phyllis. I long for a clean slate (but then would probably miss some of the baggage). Thanks for this post, and know you are not alone.

  17. Amen! Less is definitely more, I love a simple approach to living!

    Beautiful images!


  18. Very my style! The homes in Scandinavia are so well built thanks to the long, dark and cold winters. And look at those floors, talk about bringing the light indoors.

    Happy weekend Phyllis!


  19. Hi Phyllis!

    Your blog is very lovely..! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos and inspiration.. <3

    Hug from Sweden

  20. Love the post! I wish I could get everything so clean and fresh! I have too many stacks!! xo Leslie

  21. Nice images,
    beautiful simple spaces.
    I tend to favor the serene and uncluttered look too
    these days, maybe it is me aging...

  22. Love those soft greys and whites Phyllis, and that office free of acres of paperwork, heavenly.

  23. I'm also the happiest person when the cold,rainy fall/winter season begins. I love rainy days, cold evenings and looong fall weekends at home.
    I wish you a happy fall :)

  24. I love everything about this house...inside and out!

  25. Oh wow, Phyllis, it's amazing. Love the chic and clean style and the doors and windows are amazing...so much light!

  26. LOVE the doors with the lattice…I'm yearning for a change too. sigh.!

  27. Phyllis I love your idea, it is a lovely home and very calming!

    I am having an amazing Giveaway of Plush Pumpkins from Love Feast!
    Art by Karena

  28. Good morning Phyllis,
    I am thrilled to have discovered you, your incredible design work and inspiring blog. While looking for an example of incorporating books into the home, I came across Henhurst Interiors. Love those green cabinets!!! I've been inspred by your beautiful blog and look forward to following you here and through your interior work also. I hope you'll consider my compliment in adding your link love message to my own home page. Very well put!
    Also, thank you Phyllis for following TLPC! Very appreciative.

  29. Lovely! all it needs is you and your assortment of animals!

    Can you imagine? I was picking up "chicken feed" at the Feed store.....and I saw a sign......"2 llamas.....and an emu

    Free; no papers!" I want to find a home for that little family !

    Lordy! What do I do? ( I am not allowed to have "cloven footed animals.......I am also not allowed to have "poultry" ; but as you know I have bantam chickens!)

    Any suggestions?

  30. Hi Phyllis,

    I loved this post! First, I live in Seattle where it rains and is grey until July 5th. Today it was in the low 40's.. I get outside and walk the trails (through the forest) with my dogs regardless of the weather. Secondly, we are empty nesters now:) and I am looking forward to simplifying our decor, and maybe downsizing just a little. I like the feel of the spaces here:):) .. simple clean lines with no clutter. Kids=clutter!

    Have a nice weekend!


    I am so glad you are back! Boy can I identify with this post. If only I could convince my husband to simplify our life!!

  32. Hi Phyllis, so happy to see you back! I too love those days and the first thing I do is make a fire, I think it's a very primitive and basic need and makes me feel calm and centered.

  33. Phyllis,
    I share your delight in cooler temps, with a few clouds tossed in for good measure. :D
    This is such a pretty house. I love the indoor details as well as the exterior landscape and paint color.
    I'm so happy to hear from you. Happy spring.


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