Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Words To Decorate By

"Know how you live, and make your house serve you."  Richard Mishaan

photo: Elle Decor


  1. Wonderful and wise words - but every time I see a beautiful interior shot such as this, I wonder whether that style would suit me better - so perhaps I'd better just get used to the fact that I live eclectically!!
    I adore that pastel blue painted woodwork - and those sofa's are just divine - what an amazing shape.
    Lovely image,
    Paula x

  2. very wise words indeed. Great room, uber cozy!

  3. I love this Phyllis and the words are so true. Pinterest has really helped me to focus on my style. I now know why I didn't like my much stuff!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Great words to design by. I think all too often people decorate according to what they think others want, or the images they see in magazine photoshoots. There are so many times I see spaces not functional for the sake of design. Our house will be a home, not a museum.

  5. This is so true... but when you like so many different styles and want to have them all...dilemma...
    Love the colour of the window frames.
    Bec x

  6. Wise words indeed Phyllis, I really have to work on this practice.
    Have a fabulous week. Keeping my eye out for great gardens for you still.

  7. I want my house & garden to leverage beauty, grace, peace in my life.

    It's how I design landscapes. For most of my clients it's the 1st time they've had that epiphany about their garden....

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  8. See, Phyllis, now this is a room a person can actually live in. One thing out of place will not destroy the entire design - like a pair of shoes, a remote, or glass (the things I live with). Thanks for keeping it real.

  9. Such a great reminder Phyllis. It is easy to constantly compare our homes to those on blogs and in magazines, but our first concern should always be that it serves us. Thank you for that:)

  10. A beautiful room, and a beautiful quote.
    Have a lovely day,

  11. Amen.
    Hi Phyllis, hope all is well with you!

  12. Know how you live, and make your house serve you....yes, indeed! I am trying to get there.....not quite, but gimme some time :)

  13. I love that and how true it is.....if you are not comfortable and don't feel like your home is truly your haven then something is wrong. Granted its trial and error but man, when you get it right....theres no feeling better on earth then walking into your home and just letting out a "ahhhhhh" and knowing you are home sweet home!

  14. I second what Tina said! It's really so true! My home is my sanctuary! Now, granted…there are definitely things I wish I could change but for the most part I think I've tried to stick knowing how we live and making our house be a home as well as making it work for us. I just need to decide what the "new" us is now that we are Empty Nesters! Ha! I have a feeling its a much simpler us! Thanks for sharing this! Hope you are doing well and thanks for your comments earlier!

  15. Very wise words. I have been trying to do that for a while, but sometimes lose focus. It's good to be reminded. x Sharon

  16. I agree Tina said it all...I am going to try and remind myself of those words everytime I ponder something stupid!!

  17. I love this! Great advice. Life changes have impacted the way I view my home and its design. Homeschooling, for example, is making me rearrange.

    Thanks so much for your supportive comment today. Much appreciated!


  18. Great quote, going to think about it as I "finish" my home...

  19. isnt that the truth! now do they have any advice for sofas that have zero hope against husbands who love to fall into the seat, rearrange pillows and mess up the symmetry of the down in the cushions? LOL :)


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