Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cottage & Garden

A visit to my favorite shop in Newport, Cottage & Garden, is like a treasure hunt. With an ever changing array of new and vintage furniture, accessories, garden objects and sculpture, as well as a choice selection of books, candles and topiary, you never know what you will find.

Buyer and stylist Michael Sederback runs the shop that was founded by the late Eleanor Gobis and is still owned by her husband John.

Michael's genius is creating the irresistible vignettes throughout the shop.

Bronze sculpture and plaster relief, vellum books and taxidermy.

A selection of volumes from Sowerby's English Botany.

John Derian decoupage paperweights.

Sourcing much of the shop's inventory at estate sales and antique shows, Michael credits his mother with inspiring his love of antiquing as he accompanied her from the time he was a small boy. He lists the Brimfield Antique Show as a favorite.

Michael describes his personal style as eclectic. I'd say there's a little whimsy in there as well. Note the ceramic snail in the bottom of this decorative, vintage birdcage.

Outside the shop are displayed garden ornaments, sculpture, urns and furniture.

I have never left Cottage & Garden empty-handed and was charmed by the ruffled rims of these urns I saw outside.

Here is one of the pair at home in the sunroom.

The day after I stopped by to chat with Michael the shop hosted a reception for John Derian who came down from the Cape to enjoy some Newport hospitality. John on the right, Michael on the left.

Cottage and Garden is located at 9 Bridge Street in Newport, Rhode Island. Telephone: 401-848-8477.


  1. There is a similar shop we frequent a little north of downtown Chicago. It was like finding a treasure chest. Looks like this store would be just as fun!

  2. Me too.

    Alas, the distance.

    Amazing to think the big box stores sell the same 'idea'.


    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  3. This shop is fabulous! I just love spending time in a great shop with creative displays and interesting products! Makes me want to go back to work as creative directer For Horton's ~okay, but only for a minute or so!
    I saw several things I would have brought home with me as well!
    Thank you for taking us along Phyllis!

  4. Hi, Phyllis - Very charming shop! So much I love. Your French cast iron footed urns with the flared and fluted rim are divine---one of my favorite models! Will definitely check out when we visit Newport.

  5. What a neat shop! Full of things no one needs but everyone wants. Places I cannot stay away from. Next time in Newport, it's on my agenda. Thanks, Phyllis.

  6. Phyllis - Congrats on being blog of the month at Red Door Home! xoxo, L

  7. What an awesome shop! That is so my kind of place and incidentally we are going to Newport in late August so looks like I have to make this a "side excursion".....beautiful!

  8. What a great shop Phyllis! Would love to take home a sculpture and bring it inside!

  9. I wish I could go! I left you a little award on my blog:)

  10. Just found you via your comment on Melaine's post. Beautiful blog.

    p.s. These photos are gorgeous! Wish I lived closer :{ I'd be all over that place!

  11. Hello Phyllis, interesting post, what a wonderful shop :-( sad it is so far away! I'm absolutely in love with the bird cages!

  12. I'm not surprised you never leave empty handed. What a lovely place! x Sharon

  13. I believe I could stay for hours and hours! So much to see that looks fascinating. And you've share beautiful photos!

  14. I am overloaded with inspiration...
    thank you
    Bec x

  15. Love all the displays--makes you want to take it all home!! Beautiful shop!!

  16. Phyllis,
    What a dream boutique. I love that you took us on a tour and made us feel like we went there, and I didn't spend a dime! Although I surely would have. Those vignettes and topiaries and sculpture are fabulous! Thank you Phyllis for your comments and friendship.

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  18. That place looks amazing! We are so lacking of great garden shops here on the central coast. I am putting that on my list!

  19. OMG, Phyllis, those topiaries and those moss balls are fabulous X10.
    What a wonderful place this is.
    I would go broke in there.


  20. oh phyllis i adore this shop! my shop manager just notified me that "we must take a trip to rhode island, wait until you see this!"

    gathered many ideas here, thanks for a big dose of inspiration

  21. Wow! That was breath taking! I am very impressed and inspired on your work.

    Galvo sheds

  22. My kind of store! I love the adventure and stimulation these stores create! Looks like one of those precious gems one would keep going back to! Thanks for the eye candy Phyllis!


  23. Newport is so far away, but this shop looks worth the trip. I admire Michael's talent for display.

  24. This is my heaven of a many wonderful pieces - love the urns!

  25. What a fantastic shop.
    I'm sure I wouldn't leave empty handed too!
    Have a lovely day,

  26. How in the world did I miss this post? I've definitely been out of touch for the past several days! I am now bookmarking this as top priority! Love this shop and know I would be in heaven in Newport! Thanks so much for sharing this and I hope you are doing well!

  27. Amazing stuff!! Thank you for sharing this outstanding post with us!!


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