Monday, July 9, 2012

Words To Decorate By

"If every house tells a story, each entry hall is an opening chapter. And nothing makes you give up on a book faster than a boring introduction." Jan Showers in Glamorous Rooms

 photo: Jan Showers


  1. Great, great it! If we ever move, I'd love to have a true center hall where the foyer extends from front to back. Happy Monday!

  2. I'm with Jan and that my friend is a stunning, stunning foyer!


  3. Love, Love, Love that quote! I'm making a mental note of it as well as writing it down! Love the entry, the rug, everything! I'm DYING for a true entry foyer….anything bigger than what we have! I wish I'd known that when we built our house! Funny how things change!! We've had plans drawn up for a big re-do and that was #1 on our list! We shall see! Hope to do it before too long! so glad I got to see this post! Thanks for your sweet comments today! I always love hearing from you!

  4. Love that quote and the beautiful foyer. Simple and dramatic =)

  5. Amen sista!!! I love the relation... I can't stand it when a book starts out boring! I put it down immediately... seriously!
    I don't think people realize the importance of the entry hall and how it is the start of the home's story! You're brilliant!


  6. Beautiful image and excellent advice. I am going to rethink my entry hall. X Sharon

  7. Well, put that way, it's clear I need to add some excitement to the first impression guest of mine receive!

  8. Well said, and such a beautiful example of a foyer that speaks to me.

  9. This is one of my favorite pictures from Jan Showers' portfolio, although only by a small margin as she has so many beautiful spaces!

    Your blog is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! One of the prettiest blogs I have seen recently. It is well styled, clean, and organized. It speaks volumes for your personal aesthetic!

    Have a great week-

  10. Hi Phyllis......
    This post got me thinking I need to work on my entry way......;o)
    I added a link at the beginning of my blog post so you can check out more of that light fitting. Have a lovely day!!! ;o)
    Tania @ Scandi Coast Home

  11. Very true words, Phyllis! You have a gorgeous blog!

  12. Great advice - makes you want to be able to read people's minds when they first walk into your house.


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