Thursday, July 26, 2012

Topiary Nirvana

My friend Loi Thai, who, in addition to being a connoisseur of Swedish antiques, is a master of topiary cultivation, told me about renowned topiary resource Haskell Nursery when I visited him in Washington in June. I took advantage of a recent rainy day to take a drive to New Bedford and see the famous greenhouses for myself. 

At Haskell's are myrtle topiaries in every stage of development, from just getting started...

To 36-inch, three ball standards. It is easy to see why Martha Stewart has been a long-time fan of the nursery and owner David Haskell has been a guest on her show.

In addition to myrtle, Haskell's has topiary standards in rosemary, scented geranium and lavender...

...and other plant varieties in every size imaginable.

These are about six feet tall.

I am going to try to be patient and came home with these small variegated serissa and myrtles. Here is a little advice from Martha on growing and maintaining your own topiary standards.

Haskell Nursery is located at 787 Shawmut Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a little over one hour south of Boston. Telephone: 508-993-9407. In addition to topiary, Haskell has a beautiful selection of ornamental trees and shrubs.


  1. My idea of heaven Phyllis, The myrtle and rosemary topiaries would be jumping right into my shopping basket.
    Have gorgeous weekend.
    Paul xo

  2. These are totally amazing.... I love and always have loved topiaries... great photos, would kill to visit this nursery. Thanks for sharing.
    Bec x

  3. Thanks for sharing! I am such a big fan of topiaries and have wanted for the longest time to own some. I might just have to take a road trip!

  4. Gorgeous! I just love topiary! So stunning and elegant!
    I too might have to take a road trip and bring a few of these beauties home!

  5. What a beautiful nursery and I am such a fan of the ones you got!!

  6. Loi is truly a talented gardener that's for sure! And by golly, that place is paradise!

  7. Oh my...this visit would have made me think that I had died and gone to heaven...We don't have anything close to this anywhere around here. All those fabulous topiaries...I'm getting chills...

  8. What an amazing place. Would love to be able to turn these out at home. I cant believe those 6ft topiaries are growing in such small planters. Hope yours turn out just as well.

  9. Hi Phyllis,
    Will be visiting my sister-in-law who lives near Middlebury, Vt in August. Is that very far from you and therefore perhaps only a hop, skip and jump from Haskell's?

    I am inspired. Judging from the frames of diseased topiaries in my potting shed, I should not even think of purchasing another, but maybe Haskell's will be hardier. Hope springs eternal!

    Fun post, Phyllis. Thanks,

  10. Hey P - I've been waiting for this post! N-I-C-E!! I'd like to have all those....ha ha. Tom already thinks we have too many. Pinch yours back and they will get fuller. So glad you enjoyed Haskell's.....wish they would ship. Thanks for the shout out, Phyllis! :-)

  11. So not fair! I live too far away! I have never seen the lavender standard....I love topiaries, and am still learning how to take care of them. Love yours Phyllis:)

  12. Oh my,
    I am having palpitations !
    I love topiary in all shapes and sizes.
    I was beyond excited when Loi showed us his Myrtle topiaries, and now you have shown us the nursery with the baby plants.
    Have a lovely day,

  13. Thank you G*d I'm not in those greenhouses.

    They would empty my wallet.

    Topiaries are great impact for little effort.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

    And glad I'm not even close to that nursery.

  14. I love Haskell’s and bought a myrtle topiary from them seven years ago and it’s still going strong. Did you know they also bloom tiny white flowers? Mine has been blooming every year since I brought it home. I wish rosemary liked my house in the wintertime but they don’t so I’ll just admire them from afar. Beautiful post and I think I need to take a drive over to Haskell’s.


  15. nirvana indeed!

    i am going to call them to see if they ship, many thanks for this introduction

  16. Incredibly beautiful, Phyllis! I've always been enamored with topiaries and buy them quite frequently! I also kill them quite frequently! I sure wish Loi would give us a lot of great tips! What a joy he is! Such a great guy, wonderful friend and an incredible designer as well as a gardener! Thanks for sharing this beautiful nursery with us!

  17. What a treasure trove of topiaries! Good luck with the lovely ones you've chosen - I hope your fingers are greener than mine. I love the aged and mossy terracotta pots as well. x Sharon

  18. I absolutelu love topiaries and these pictures are so inspiring...they make me want to get out there and garden! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  19. Oh my gosh... I'm in heaven looking at these images! I'm obsessed with topiaries and love to put them all around my home. I would give anything for nursery like this in Utah! I guess all I can do is dream and live vicariously through you! I'm sure your little treasures will make it home just fine! Best wishes cut girl!


  20. These are so lovely! Loi's influence has rubbed off on me, too, and I want to acquire a collection. I think they are so beautiful! Good luck with your nursery of tops! Have a great week, Phyllis.

  21. Oh what an utterly delightful way to spend a rainy day! This is absolute perfection - the only downside is that I would find myself bankrupt from 'needing' to take them ALL home with me! One can never have too much topiary in one's garden I say - lol!!
    Paula xx

  22. What a beautiful nursery! It would be hard to pick!! I wish it were closer--I would love to visit!! xo Leslie

  23. I would really like some rosemary or myrtle topiaries for my front porch. with such a small cabin, I wanted to add a little height and be a bit less auspicious than the three-ball variety. where do you think a good place around us would be to get those kind?? great post - beautiful place :)

  24. Hi nice to find your lovely blog I get so excited when I discover one that appeals to my tastes and interests (and yours very much does)! What a fabulous nursery..I would go bonkers, I love spending time in nurseries and am a sucker for topiaries! Look forward to more your new follower:)

  25. This is fascinating, and the photos are beautiful!

  26. Good collection of topiaries. These look fresh & perfect for any farmhouse.


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