Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flying The Coop

From an early age I have been unable to resist the call of the open road. No, seriously. Within days of getting my first car, a questionably road-worthy, used Volkswagon purchased with the small legacy left me by an elderly god-parent, I embarked on a 2700 mile cross-country trip. I was 16.

When the itch to get out of town recently struck I decided to gas up my (now much nicer) car and indulge in one of my favorite activities...antiquing. I had been mentally collecting a few shops and dealers I wanted to visit for some time - in, around, and on the way to Washington, DC where I have an old friend I wanted to catch up with. As plans came together for my 'walk-about' - as Mr. H referred to it - this past weekend developed into a personal perfect storm and I headed south on Thursday.

Day 1: Bonny Neiman Antiques. Last year I read about Bonny's shop on Joni Webb's blog Cote de Texas. Located in Summit, New Jersey, it is a short distance from the highway and was the perfect place to break up the 10 hour drive I was making to Virginia.

Here a few things that caught my eye...

This pair of antique doors have a beautiful patina and I was mad for the sconces.

A cute pair of stools upholstered in burlap and I love the Brazilian cowhide rug.

Great vintage house numbers - I have a reproduction from a company in England on my own house.

This vintage bar set came home as a gift for Mr. H.

A pretty set of dining room chairs. I love the seat slips which can be washed.

The color of these blown glass fishing net floats is dreamy.

Bonny also has beautiful things for the garden. I would love this door as a garden gate

And how funny is this vintage, iron lawn flamingo with traces of it's original pink paint?

After Bonny, who is tiny, loaded this rather heavy mirror (pictured here in my Vermont dining room) into my car - by herself - I got back on the road.

I arrived in The Plains, Virginia, at dinner time and spent the night with my dear friend's mother. If you are not familiar with the area of Virginia around Middleburg I highly suggest visiting. It is one of the most beautiful parts of the country and if you enjoy antiquing, it is a great place to 'hunt.'

Come back tomorrow for Day 2: Caroline Verschoor of Ekster Antiques hosts a 'Barn Sale' at her home in Hamilton, Virginia.


  1. Hi Phyllis, just back from a road trip myself! Love the mirror you brought home....horses!!! Looking forward to your next post:) Brenda.

  2. You are an awesome driver, ha ha! :-) I hope you had an easy, good trip back. Thanks for the tour, Phyllis. Cool shop. Your mirror looks fabulous over the sideboard! Will you leave it propped / leaning on the wall? I kinda love it that way. It was really wonderful to meet you, Phyllis. Thank you for everything!!

  3. Phyllis...I was waiting a day or two before I checked into see how your adventure went ....I wanted to jump in the car with you when you visited the shop. I signed up for your blog right away and what a pleasant surprise to receive this pst. Thank you so very much....I look forward to hearing about Virginia....xoxo.

  4. There is nothing I love more than discovering beautiful antique stores and this one is amazing. Love the sconces and the door...fabulous!! Sounds like a great fun road trip!!

  5. Give me the open road, a book on tape, and a list of antique shops (or gardens, or kitchen stores) and I am good to go. Enjoy your trip, Phyllis, and keep us posted.

  6. Road-tripping + antiquing=heaven! Gorgeous, gorgeous finds. Can't wait to see what else you found!

  7. I have purchased a few things from Bonnie and was thrilled to see the photos of her shop. I must visit some time!

  8. Phyllis- hi! I found you through Loi and am so glad I did - thanks for the intro to Ekster Antiques! We're in Northern VA ourselves and are always on the hunt for a great adventure! I would have to agree with you about how beautiful this area is. A great place to have horses. So nice to meet you, hope you had a beautiful trip!

  9. Great post! I love the floats in a glass jar. So pretty! I have numbers on my house that are reproductions, too!! xo


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