Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Flying The Coop - Part 3

From Virginia I drove into Washington, and on the last day of my trip had the enormous pleasure of meeting Loi Thai of Tone on Tone Antiques. For a devotee of Swedish and Gustavian furniture this was like being granted an audience with the Pope. And he gave me breakfast. I can honestly say Loi is the most gracious host.

There is not much more that can be said about Loi and his partner Tom's exquisite house except that photographs can not do it justice. I will add that in spite of its curated perfection and the quality of the antiques that fill it, every room is comfortable and inviting. That is Loi's magic.

One of many beautiful vignettes throughout the house.

A stunning example of Swedish furniture in an enviable collection.

A small sampling Loi's famous topiaries.

Loi and Tom's garden is just my style, manicured and tidy. Tom is the genius behind the expertly trimmed trees.

The 'white garden' in front of the house.

The lavender walk in Loi and Tom's 'blue garden' behind the house.

Loi is also extremely generous with his time and after our visit at the house he accompanied me to Tone on Tone. My only suggestion for Loi is that he keep a supply of smelling salts at the shop because one could easily be overcome by so much beauty in one place.

Loi is an excellent resource on the history of Swedish furniture and the origins of the patina associated with it, and he is more than happy to share his knowledge.

The shop has a fabulous array of accessories and a large selection of beautiful mirrors.

And the furniture is just extraordinary.

While I would have liked to back an 18-wheeler up to the front door and emptied the shop, on this visit only these beautiful accessories came home with me. However, I will definitely be back.

An Italian marble footed urn.

One of a pair of French compotes.

Many thanks to Loi and Tom for opening their home to me and devoting so much of their Saturday to showing me around.


  1. Phyllis I just wish I was on your road trip with you....but this was the next best thing! I have read many posts (with photos) of Loi and Tom's home, but your pictures are outstandingt. Can I say that?! What is common to all who meet Tom and Loi though, is a feeling of being graced. You see it in their gardens, in their home, how they entertain and now through your post. So well done, thanks for this one:) Brenda.

  2. Hi Phyllis ~
    Tom and I really enjoyed meeting you :-) Totally our pleasure!! And, I felt like we were old friends. You'll always be welcomed back, friend. Thank you for this very kind post. I'm truly grateful. Lastly, thank you for wearing "all white" to coordinate with our home :)

  3. Derar Phyllis,
    I wished I could meet Loi in person and I would love to visit his beautiful shop!! So much gorgeous furniture and accessories to discover! Loi seems such a kind person!!
    You took the most wonderful pictures!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Talk to you later!

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Lucky you, you got to experience Loi's elegant taste, amazing talent for interiors and gardens and his wonderful personality firsthand!
    Your photos are beautiful as is your blog. Amazing how blogging brings like minded people together!

  5. Looks like you had the perfect day! I hope to visit Loi's shop as it looks so wonderful.

  6. Hi Phyllis, thanks for taking us on this wonderful road trip with you! Loi's home, garden & shop are so beautiful and your pictures are wonderful!! I need those smelling salts :) Lovely post, Loi's kindness comes through & so does yours. I love the pieces you came home with. thanks for sharing,

  7. Hi Phyllis, I'm not sure why I'm only just getting over to your blog, my bad, but I'm so glad I did it's wonderful and am adding you to my blogroll! I have only seen a few pictures of Loi and Tom's home so it was great to see more it's stunning! Thanks for sharing!


  8. How did I not know about your blog?...I see all of my friends visiting. Wonderful post. Would love to visit this shop. I saw some of the images on Pinterest. Have a good day. Mona

  9. Fabulous post and I can't imagine really getting to meet someone that I admire and have gotten to know through all of our blogs! I wish that could happen with everyone! This was so informative and Loi's home and shop are truly beautiful! This was a treat for sure!! Many thanks for sharing!

  10. You have no idea how inspiring these pictures are!! Thank you so much for posting them for all of us. His home is amazing! Your blog is amazing! We love you both! Meranda

  11. What a lovely visit you had with Loi and Tom! I am a fan of theirs as well, and envy their gardens and their collections! So glad you got to visit the store, which we have been to. It is heaven on earth!

  12. I want everything in his home and in his shop. Just beautiful!

  13. Beautiful!! And what an amazing garden...

  14. I absolutely ADORE Loi, and his beautiful blog, shop and home! It's always wonderful to see more incredible pictures - I could NEVER get tired of his style. Thanks for sharing.
    Paula x

  15. Next time I'm in DC, Loi's shop is a must. He knows everything I write about and has been everywhere I want to go. And he has a beautiful shop and he can grow myrtle topiaries. He is our Renaissance man. Thanks for sharing, Phyllis.

  16. What a special treat to meet Loi and see his home in person. Thanks for sharing the event with us and I am glad I found your wonderful blog!


  17. Wow, beautiful!!!

  18. I have recently discovered Loi's blog and everything he does is just fabulous! His style is so peaceful.


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