Monday, June 4, 2012

Flying The Coop - Part 2

I have admired Caroline Verschoor's easy and elegant Scandinavian inspired style for some time - she perfectly carries off the mix of old and new - and I have been eager to visit one of her Ekster Antiques barn sales since reading about them on her website.

Several times a year Caroline hosts a sale in the 8000-square foot barn on her beautiful property in Loudon County, Virginia. The multi-level building is filled to rafters with all manner of European, Belgian and Scandinavian-style old and new furniture and home accessories.

Several areas are set up as 'rooms.' Everything is for sale, from the tabletop items to the tables to the lighting. There are cabinets filled with treasures begging to be explored and charming vignettes every where you turn.


There were lots of vintage, reclaimed and re-purposed pieces.

There was also a nice selection of garden and outdoor pieces.

This event is tons of fun. Caroline is absolutely lovely and the people working the sale could not have been friendlier or more helpful. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty - I say that because I was climbing around in some place to get a closer look at things. Also, don't be in a hurry. I probably made three rounds. I scooped up a few things the first time through, started a pile outside, and went back in twice more.

Here are two of my favorite finds - past readers know I am fixated on the look of Scandinavian interiors right now - so I was on the hunt for antlers. When I find my fur throw it will go on the sofa by the fireplace.

Come back tomorrow for Day 3: I meet Loi Thai and make a pilgrimage to Tone on Tone.


  1. Hi Phyllis, what an exciting place to be, lucky you:) Re:fur throw,...I have a mink throw and racoon as well; I found coats at thrift store and had them cleaned and transformed by my furrier. They have beautiful lining too. Keep and eye out you never know when you will find one. Looking forward to your visit with Loi! Brenda.

  2. Oh my gosh! This my kind of place, I love going to antique sales. Wish I lived closer.

  3. Phyllis,
    I LOVE seeing Eksters through your camera lens! What wonderful photos! Her style speaks to me!
    I have been wanting to go as well. My son is currently stationed in Virginia and I am hoping to make the trek to Caroline's and Loi's very soon!
    Maybe when things slow down a bit here!
    Can't wait for tomorrow!
    Have a great day!

  4. i am just IN LOVE with that ottoman in the first image! gorgeous!!! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  5. Thanks for stopping by!
    Happy to find your beautiful blog too and I look forward to following!

  6. Oh my gosh I need to get down there & check this out. I'm obsessed with everything! Gorgeous! New follower :)

  7. Another cool shop! Thank you for the shopping tour. You should make these a regular monthly series!! I'm definitely coming back tomorrow....wanna meet Loi ;)

  8. This looks like a wonderful place! I am off to visit her website. I am so looking forward to seeing Loi's shop as it is one I would love to visit.

  9. nothing beats hitting the road and antiquing, my passion!
    her husband used to set up at scotts antique market in england and always had the best goods, miss that he does not come down anymore!

  10. This is great news! sorry to have missed the barn sale this time, but Im only an hour away, so I definitely will keep up with Ekster Antiques and go next time! Great post and pictures!


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