Friday, May 25, 2012

Tricia Foley's General Store

When the warm weather finally arrives we eat outside whenever possible. It is an easy transition as we have a small deck off the kitchen and I keep the table setting simple and relaxed. Tricia Foley has more than a few items at The New General Store online that I would like to have for this summer.

Most of my table linens are beige, and they need to be replaced from time to time. These Natural Linen Placemats are just my style.

The Slate Placecards would be fun for a party. Spell out your guests' names with chalk and they are infinitely reusable.

By potter Barbara Eigen, the Earthenware Oval Platters and Low Serving Bowl are as beautiful as they are practical.

Mr. H takes advantage of every opportunity to fire up the grill; this Stoneware Condiment Set is perfect for the homemade tomatillo salsa and hot sauce that accompany anything cooked over flames.

I would use these Glass Tumblers for wine or water. They would also make pretty votive candle holders.

For clean-up, White Sponges. OK, I know they are totally impractical, but they would look so pretty beside the sink. I'll tell myself they are durable and dye-free and give them a try.


  1. I am laughing, Phyllis, as I have some white sponges....looks great until a few scrubs. Now I just bring one out when guests visit :-) I love everything from Tricia Foley. She is one of my design icons. I have tons of her photos on my Pinterest boards. Have a wonderful long weekend! Hope you get to enjoy a few nice meals outside!
    xo, Loi

  2. I too am a huge Tricia Foley fan! I love her amazing design aesthetic!
    I recently found some white sponges and have been afraid to use them....but love how they look! so silly I know but I can't help it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I want those white sponges! They would look good for a minute, but worth it! I throw my yellow ones away after a day anyway...Have a great weekend!! xo, Kathleen

  4. Love everything "Tricia Foley". My kind of style when I am in my white mood. Thanks for the refresher course:-}

  5. so pretty..... I absolutely love the simplicity of your setting...... absolutely perfect for summer.

  6. So natural and pretty. I will have to check out her store.

  7. White sponges are part of my fantasy life--impractical but preferred!

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! I love your blog it's so classy and this post is so refreshingly clean!


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