Monday, May 21, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Photography by Glenn Suokko

This is part two of my posting on the artist Glenn Suokko. While my introduction to Glenn was through his paintings, I wanted to share some of his photography which I find equally compelling.

Says Glenn, "I have many artistic interests and pursue forms of expression through design, painting, photography, and writing. To me, one expression inspires another, and I try to build on the connections among them."

The compositional opportunities Glenn finds in contrasting elements goes to the heart of his nature based aesthetic.

On a personal level, Glenn's photography elicits a similar emotional response as his paintings. They inspire me to slow down, to take it all in, to be present and mindful.  There is a meditative quality to the images.

In my previous post on Glenn's paintings, I briefly mentioned Pastoral, the biannual publication created by Glenn and his wife Ann Billings which features "the stories and work of individuals, organizations, processes, and products motivated by the creative and natural environments of Vermont."

A recent issue included an article on Birch Hill Farm, a diversified working farm located on Morgan Hill in South Woodstock, Vermont. Says Glenn, "Pastoral is one expression where my work as a photographer, writer, and designer coalesce. "

Excerpts from additional previous issues telling the stories of Vermonters - living, working, and creating - throughout the state can be seen here.

Glenn's photographic eye and talent for graphic design caught the attention of Vermont glass maker and potter Simon Pearce which has led to successful collaboration between the two. In addition to photography, Glenn provides the art direction for the company.

A highlight of this collaboration is surely the exquisite book A Way Of Living which Glenn produced with Simon and his wife Pia. The book, says Glenn, is a" creative expression" of the Pearce's way of life and the products of their work. I would describe it as a primer for creating simple beauty in every aspect of one's everyday life.

 A Way Of Living also contains numerous inspiring photographs of the Pearce's property and gardens.

After one has lived in Vermont for a time it becomes part of your soul. It is a very special place - inspiring yet grounding, uncompromising but inclusive, remote and embracing - and Glenn has succeeded in capturing that essence in his paintings, his photography and his publications that celebrate both Vermont and the people who make their lives here.


  1. I have been to Vermont a few times, and you are right; Glenn captures its essence beautifully. Thank you for this Phyllis.

  2. What beautiful photographs and the book "A Way of Living" looks like a must have. I definitely subscribe to the idea of making our everyday lives as beautiful as we possibly can. It certainly feeds my soul to do that. I'm not so sure all the boys in my family quite get it though :) x Sharon

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    1. Thank you so much and thank you for the award! I will get to work on spreading it around! All best, Phyllis

  4. Hi Phyllis - Thank you for sharing more of Glenn's work. His photography is just as lovely and artistic. Quiet and powerful at the same time. Compelling is the perfect word. They really "draw you in"

    And, I must get "A Way of Living" every single photo you posted. Will put that on my book list. I now want a little cottage in Vermont :-)


  5. What a beautiful way to get a peek into life in Vermont. The fourth image with the view in the building is amazing!!

  6. Love Glenn Suoko's work, and miss Pastoral. Is it still being published? I thought they discontinued the issues and were concentrating on the gallery. So love Quechee Falls and Simon Pierce glass and Glenn's part in it all. Thanks for reminding me how much.
    Billie Henninger
    Kitchens I Have Loved

  7. Wow, thanks for the introduction to this amazing artist. I just love your blog.
    xo Terri

  8. Gorgeous!! I will pin these babies. I wish I was back there now! xo


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