Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Paintings by Glenn Suokko

I am sure that every one of you who is passionate about art and design has had a moment when you saw something that so captured you - heart, mind and imagination - that it stayed with you long after first sight. Such was my introduction to the work of Vermont painter Glenn Suokko.

I instantly responded to it. The paintings had a powerful simplicity that resonated with me. Glenn's serene palette and deft rendering of archetypal forms meshed perfectly with my own design aesthetic and conveyed a sense of calm that I would hope to transpose onto my daily life.

My visceral reaction, I imagine, is how a collector feels for the object of his or her desire. Whatever that object is, it satisfies a deep sensibility.  Though I was not able to purchase my first painting on my maiden visit to Glenn's gallery, I knew that I would eventually. I wanted this in my life, I wanted to see it daily. The paintings still bring me that much pleasure.

Working from his studio in Woodstock, Vermont, Glenn paints still lifes of objects he has collected over the years—bowls, vessels, and vases....

...and, most recently, he says, "bricks, stones, and bits and pieces of things I might find in an attic or in nature."

"I am drawn to the forms, shapes, and colors of inanimate objects and the compositional or emotive relationships that can be created by depicting them on a canvas."

The series Forest Variations is recent direction for Glenn. They are "not literal depictions of actual places or objects. Painted in my studio, they reflect the effects of the forest trees and light after walking each day of every season along paths at my home in Woodstock, Vermont."

Says Glenn, "To me, painting is an ongoing exploration, one that is rich in investigation and realization. It is my hope that viewers, while making their own interpretations, will find in it the qualities I seek to create."

A multi-talented artist, Glenn is also a photographer, art-director, writer and the creator of Pastoral, an exquisite journal that explores Vermont and celebrates the creative people making their lives in this unique state. Next week I will share some of Glenn's photography.

See more of Glenn's work and excerpts from Pastoral on his website. Reach Glenn by email or visit the Gallery at Simon Pearce opposite the Simon Pearce store in Quechee, Vermont, of which Glenn is director, and where his paintings are on display. The current show runs through June 15th.


  1. Lovely Phyllis, I can see why you are drawn to his art. I started collecting soon after we were married, sometimes forfeiting furniture to buy art! In the end, the house gets furnished, and you have beautiful pieces that add to the the intentional feathering of our nests. Thanks for sharing:, Happy Saturday:)

  2. Hi, Phyllis, this is is a beautiful interesting post. If you pop over to my blog, you'll see that I have presented you with an award, I hope you'll accept it. Have a lovely week-end !

  3. These are stunning, Phyllis!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  4. The textural quality is gorgeous! Thanks for the intro!!

  5. When I see something I love, I know it right away! Love the paintings by Glenn Suokko! Sublime, simple yet complex. Reminds me of Giorgio Morandi, Sergei Belik (contemporary Ukrainian artist), and a tiny bit of Vilhelm Hammershoi. All artists I love and greatly admire. A pleasure to view! Loi

  6. Loi took my word...sublime!
    Thanks ofr sharing!

  7. Marvelous pieces of art. I love your site. It goes strait to my heart and soul. :)

  8. I love how he captures the details of nature in those photographs! Great blog and great post!


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