Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Bedroom Library

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find the source of this photo since I first came across it on Pinterest several weeks ago. I wanted to use it in a blog post to illustrate a quote and so needed to be able to properly credit it, but mostly I was really curious about the rest of the house.

I was ultimately led to the original, in the Polish magazine Werenda, by the Danish blog The Essence of the Good Life. I was not disappointed by the additional photos. The house is in Belgium on Lake Genval near Brussels where the stunning landscape attracts residents of the capital on the weekends.

The interiors and antiques that fill the rooms reflect the Dutch heritage of the lady of the house.

Natural material, untreated wood, and muted earth tones: browns, shades of sand and ash, and white make up the color palette.

Further inspiration came from the imagery in the paintings of the Dutch Old Masters.

The kitchen mirrors that of a traditional Dutch house.

The bedrooms and baths reflect a simple but elegant European aesthetic.

See the entire article by Caroline Amiel here. Photography by Christophe Rouffino.


  1. Loved this post, Phyllis. Many of the rooms speak to me, particularly that bedroom, the dining room and, of course, the kitchen. Love "Essence of the Good Life" too. She shows design unique to her area of the world.

  2. Love this home. The raw wood on the ceiling looks wonderful. The bathroom is my favorite.

  3. Isn't this just beautiful? Lene, who writes Essence of the Good Life, is one our our dear blogging friends & she's in our group, "By Invitation Only." She has 2 other blogs as well, one called the Green Garden Gate, and another cooking one which you can find from her original blog. She is amazing. She actually lives in Norway and has been photographing a lot of images in Denmark for her newest book. Just thought you would like to know. xx's

    1. Thanks, Marsha, I will correct that. I subscribe to The Green Garden Gate as well, but will also have a look at her cooking blog. If it does for food what her other two blogs do for interiors and gardens, I will love it!

  4. So pretty. Love all of the ceilings! I would move right in...

  5. Phyllis - I love this home!! I repinned it from you to my Pinterest boards. To me, it is warm, organic, comfortable, and artfully edited. Lots of great texture, and a bit of rawness, beautifully juxtaposed with the whites. The sunroom is my favorite.

  6. So many gorgeous spaces. The first bedroom is absolutely amazing - cannot quit looking at the ceiling!!

  7. Phyllis, so beautiful, restful and classic. I did think of Loi when I saw it! I would love to use this soothing palate, but am afraid that it would feel too cool for our northern climate...However, I am painting out my living/dining area in BM cloud white, so that's a start;) I will keep this post as inspiration and a gentle well as Loi's exquisite home. Happy Friday:) B

  8. Oh my! This just made my day! The home and the interiors are truly beautiful! So glad you found the original source and thank you for sharing this wonderful post! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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