Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Fever

"It's Spring Fever. You don't quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!" Mark Twain

Well, I've got it but I do know just exactly what it is I want...I want to re-do my living room. This may come as a surprise to my darling husband who thinks the house is "finished," but thing is, the living room needs tweaking to accommodate our family today.

A few years ago, when the children were smaller, we down-sized from a spacious house on a large piece of land several miles outside of town to a cozy village house on a lot not much larger than its footprint.

What we gave up in square footage and acreage, we gained in convenience and access to the myriad amenities of a charming college town. I also discovered the pleasures of 'container' gardening on our small terrace. Last year I planted these moonflowers. They took all summer to grow, produced three blossoms which opened for one glorious night in September, releasing the most intoxicating scent, before being killed by an early Vermont frost a few days later.

Anyway, with my daughters now adult-sized teenagers we need more space to spread out and get comfortable. The little family room off the kitchen is too small to contain us and the current living room is too formal for real lounging.

Unfortunately, the antique sofa that belonged to my great-grandmother will need to go into storage. Yes, even though I swore I would never have one, last year as the situation in the garage was spiralling out of control, I signed a rental contract on a self-storage unit to house those items currently out of circulation.

And what will take its place...a deep, comfortable sectional. Now before anyone with an aversion to sectionals makes a face, I have just added the Verellen catalog to Henhurst's furniture lines and I am going to be the first customer. This is seriously stylish upholstery.

And my sectional will be, too. It will look just like one of Verellen's gorgeous sofas...only big enough for two teenagers to stretch out on. I like the arm on this model but will probably add a skirt.

Verellen's Belgian influenced and American made upholstered and slip-covered pieces are are casual but sophisticated. They would fit easily into an interior by one of my design heroes, Alex Vervoordt.

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Verellen's designs are timeless as well as made to the highest level of quality in the US furniture industry - frames are crafted of hardwood maple with dowel joinery, seats are supported 8-way, hand-tied springs. And they put a premiuim on comfort - isn't that what we really want in our furniture?

Fortunately, my husband is accostomed to my moving the furniture around and is always helpful when the urge strikes. That is a good thing because my plan involves rearranging not just the living room, but the dining room as well. I will do a before and after post when the furniture arrives.


  1. Feel free to store that beautiful antique sofa in my house - I won't even charge you :). Your room is beautiful and I love your new sofa choice. I have also got children who are fast turning into adult sizes and space does become an issue! Have a great weekend. x Sharon

  2. What a beautiful blog. Have enjoyed drinking my coffee this morning and perusing these wonderful posts!! Can't wait to see the transformation, though I must say I'm loving the gorgeous sofa - hate to see that go in storage, but understand the need for a family space. Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

    1. Thank you and likewise! I have been enjoying Design Chic so much. The post on Charleston was super; we are headed to Kiawah for a week next month and have tickets for a garden tour in Charleston one day. You have given me some good ideas on how to spend the rest of the day. Cheers!


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