Monday, March 5, 2012

Mid-Century Musings

Mid-Century Modern has been an interior design 'buzz word' for some time, but as someone who tends to steer away from popular trends I never payed much attention to it. It happens, however, that this area (Hanover, New Hampshire & Norwich, Vermont) is dotted with a number of mid-century modern homes by acclaimed architects of that period, Edgar and Margaret Hunter. Edgar was a Dartmouth grad who went on to the architecture program at Harvard where he met Margaret, a member of the first class of female architects at the Harvard School of Design. They lived in Hanover, practicing architecture and teaching at Dartmouth for 20 years.

Below, a house in Norwich, is an example of their work.

Many of the local houses have been sensitively restored.

Mid-century modern furniture never really appealed to me until Chelsea Textiles came out with it's line of reproductions. I love the color palette. I've paired a few selections with fabrics from Galbraith and Paul. I think they work perfectly together.

For more on the Hunters visit Triangle Modernist Houses, see the entire Chelsea Textiles Mid-Century Modern Collection here, and view textiles, wallpapers, and lighting from Galbraith and Paul here.

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