Friday, February 3, 2012

The Home Office

Whether an entire room or a corner nook is devoted to the home office, I am convinced that having a dedicated space from which to run one's personal life is essential to peace of mind and staying organized.

Being able to sit down with the telephone and computer within reach, to open the mail, pay bills, answer email and return calls all in one place is, personally, the key to staying ahead of the ever present potential for chaos.

I also do a nightly calendar check to coordinate my and the children's schedules to avoid the inevitable panic that comes with the someone forgetting something she needs for the next day.

My OCD extends to filing so I am big on folders, binder clips, boxes and storage. Also, love my P-touch label maker.

This is a great use of a generally over-looked space.

And this is genius - a work station built into lost space, an under-the-eaves corner.

This office is tucked into an un-used closet. I love the idea that one can shut the doors and hide it away when work is done.

A few more ideas to inspire you, whatever you personal style might be...

I will leave you with a photo of the nerve center of Church Street. Yes, I cleaned up and moved a giant stack of papers.

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