Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Dream Ski House

A Savoy Chalet in Megeve

At 2 degrees it is too cold for me to ski today, so, instead, I am home indulging in my new obsession with Pinterest and assembling photos for my dream ski house inspiration board.

This traditional Savoy chalet underwent an extensive eighteen month restoration, carried out ​​by local craftsmen specially trained in the rehabilitation of Savoyard farms, and emerged as a comfortable home that sensitively combines the best of modern technology with the authenticity of local architecture.

On the first floor an open plan combines a spacious living room, kitchen and dining room. Two views of the large living room and fireplace:

The restoration made use of the well preserved original materials including beautiful weathered wood beams, aged to a soft blond.

In the kitchen a few modern touches were introduced while respecting the original features. Polished concrete counter surfaces integrate seamlessly with the spirit of the cottage:

Open to the kitchen, the sunny dining room enjoys a view of the surrounding mountains:

 The cozy master bedroom:

Original article from Cote Est magazine here.


  1. Hi Phyllis - Love your blog - Can't wait for more. And love you used Little Blue Deer! So chic and beautiful.

  2. That’s totally a dream ski house! Kudos to the craftsmen behind this excellent project! Eighteen months is such a long time of work, and I must say that the restoration effort is absolutely worth it.

    - Kayleigh

  3. Wood definitely has its own charm, and I see that on this house. In fact, it looks amazing! It has that rustic charm that captivates anyone. This house would be appealing for house buyers who want some countryside-feel property.--->Erick

  4. This house is wonderful. I imagine myself living in this kind of home once I grow old. Well, not alone, but still with my loved ones. ;) I’d probably be spending my time sitting near the fireplace while reading a book. It’s very ideal for those who just want a peaceful life because the place looks comforting.

    Nannie Toller

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