Friday, November 4, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things - Linen

I love linen; it is versatile, durable and natural, it feels good next to your skin, and it is generally easy to clean. One of my favorite purveyors is the English company Ian Mankin. The fabrics are woven from 100% natural fibers and are available in an assortment of pleasing colors and designs - stripes, checks, solids and embroidered linens - that work in any application.




 Pet Beds

The company sells a few accessories in their fabrics including these charming Union Jack pillows (which appeal to the Anglophile in me.)

Other accessories available are kitchen and table linens, and I love these lavender filled, mini pillows which I hang on my children's beds (lavender being said to induce relaxation and sleep.)

When I am able to visit the shop I avail myself of the bins of discounted, end-of-bolt pieces to use in small projects the only require a yard or two of fabric.

Angus Stripe and Spencer Stripe

Holland Check

Hopsack Stripe

Spencer Check

The company has recently introduced a collecting of printed wallpapers based on a few of their designs that are printed on non-woven paper and look almost like fabric. Visit the website to see the entire range of products for sale.

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